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Working on goals for 20 18

Good Afternoon beautiful people! There comes a time when something happens that makes you stop and start looking at other options for your life. For me my career has caused me to start developing a business plan for opening up my own restaurant.

One of my concerns that is causing me hesitate is working around food constantly all day. I am scared that this could cause me to overeat and possibly start gaining weight. However it may help me to develop better control and refrain from eating unhealthy foods. Nevertheless this had always been a life long goal of mine and I am eagerly looking forward to opening Tracy tasty treats. Lol! I know I am going have to work on that name.

Since we are mentioning goals. Exercise is one of the most important part of any weight loss plan. I don’t care if you had weight loss surgery or not. You still got to get physical and stay physical to achieve and reach your weight loss goal for the rest of your life.

Nevertheless I started back attending the YMCA and went with my 18 years old teenage son. Big mistake this boy/man pushed and motivated me like nobody has ever did. My big butt is sore in places I didn’t know you could be sore. My thighs, all over my arms, right up above my wrist and between my elbow. I mean I did my cardio and then hit the weights to work on my lower body that day. But I didn’t think I over did it. However I had to skip Thursday to recoup.

Note to self again: don’t let your Son guide you when you are exercising at the YMCA. I had to add a picture I took while getting my sweat on at YMCA.

Don’t hate the picture hate the game. Lmbo!

Peace, Love and Happiness Beautiful people. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I get my business plan together and apply for small business loans.

Be blessed Tracy

When you underestimate the weather. 

Good morning beautiful people!! Am I the only person who plan all kinds of stuff to do in your head, that can help you meet your weight goal and don’t do it.

Well I was determined to actually do something that I had planned in my head for a change.  So……..I plan a mile walk and only did half a mile at most.  For instant……I knew I was babysitting my beautiful baby last Saturday and she loves to take walks outside.  So I told my daughter to bring her stroller because we’re going for a walk that day.

First mistake….I got dressed and left the house with her in the stroller eating on her snack around 11:30 in the morning.  Yea, yea…. I know ….. that’s when it is starting to get really hot. Well it wasn’t… at first.  But that changed real quick.

Second mistake….I tried to get all glammed up….(you know pretty) big mistake… First the sun was bearing down on my wig.  (important note to remember… Wigs do not block the sun) The jeans was not comfortable to walk in and I didn’t put socks on with my tennis shoes.  You talking about a slipping and sliding mess.

Third mistake….I should have taken A stick to fight off any creatures that decide to investigate Addie and I.  Especially since little Addie want to holler “dog” at anything with four legs and do her imitate of a growl at the creature.  Note…some animals want to growl back and attack.

Fourth mistake….I really thought I was going to walk a whole mile out in that hot and humid mess.  I was missing the YMCA with its air conditioner, fan and TV on each machine drying my sweat.  The cold water foundation that I could go to at any given time.

Fifth dang mistake…I forgot to download the dang walking app so I could see how many steps I took and how far I walk.

At this point I don’t know if I will ever, ever, ever start jogging outside.  I think I am spoiled by the YMCA.

Love, peace and happiness!


Can I chose the area where I want to lose weight?

Good evening beautiful people!! Well I called and I called it right. I said I would probably lose the weight in my fat feet and dang if I didn’t.  I was at work walking to the file room when I notice my feet was sliding like crazy in my sandals.  I look down to make sure they were still zipped in the back and notice that each foot was sitting back more at if my shoes were to big.  I am currently in 9 or 10 size depends on how the shoe is made.  I like the ability to be able to buy prettier shoes because of my fat little tree trunks.  However right now I want lose weight in my thighs, back fat or bat wings area.  But if we were able to pick and choose where we lost weight it would be so awesome.   But in the real world that is not possible…. So I need to get out of la-la land.

I have never really been a shoe girl until I lost weight. Plus I can’t go pass a heel that is over 3 and half.  Any higher and I might have to get my new hip replaced.  Plus you will not see me wobbling around and I can’t walk.  I like to be able to walk as natural as possible.  Especially since my orthopedic surgeon made my leg longer with my new hip. I am currently in love with..Lane Bryant and Catherine’s stores.  Their shoes and boots are catered toward wide feet.  Plus they are so comfortable and they have pretty designs that are available in my preferred heights.  The shoes are not to high priced also.  I love the ability to find boots in my size also.  Check them out.  Trust and believe these stores are not paying me to say this.   Have a good day beautiful people!!

Peace, love and happiness!!


In for the fight of my life!

Good afternoon everybody! I have to discuss my three year anniversary coming up for my RNY Gastric Bypass  on July 28 and how I am not losing weight.  I have notice that I am  floating between gaining 5 pounds and then losing it.  Even thought my goal weight is only 20 pounds away.  The thought of even hitting 220 makes me cringe and sink down into a depressed mode.  I refused to go back to the old fat lady that couldn’t even walk around Wal-Mart to get grocery without tiring out quickly.

I also blame myself for my kids being overweight.  My son wants to lose about 70 pounds and I feel like my bad eating habits are something that I passed on to him. Not to mention my fatty genes.  Some people argue that there is no such thing as fatty genes but I be to differ on that. Now I know good eating habits could be taught and learned but when you know only how to throw fatback grease in everything you cook. Not county deep frying everything in grease. Eating starchy and bread all day. I found this one research that states that men can passed fatty genes on to their offspring but he could be alter by losing weight also.  However they were not able to prove that fatty genes were heredity.  I will included the link at bottom of the page.

Learning and maintaining  good eating habits are must on any weight loss journey.  I don’t care if you have had the Gastric Bypass or not.  You will never be able to eat any and everything and not worry about health issues such as weight gain or medical issues.  There has not been a way to safe and healthy way to lose weight and keep it off.  Besides eating healthy and exercising on a constant basic.

I am at that point in my journey where unfortunately you can start regaining weight.  THIS is the most crucial time in my life.  I am focusing on maintaining and keeping the weight off for the rest of my life.  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I continue to fight this struggle.  Oh how I wish I was one of those that just kept losing weight.  NOT Tracy!!

Love, Peace and Happiness and healthy choices.


The picture below are within the last couple of weeks on the outside. The one in the middle was about 7 years ago when I was around 340 pounds.  img_0578

Are you fat because of your dad? Men’s WEIGHT directly affects genes in sperm linked to appetite and brain development. Mail Online, December 3 2015

Adjusting to Sherry my best friend The Cpap


I previously wrote a post about my best friend Sherry who is my Cpap machine  back in 2013 when I first started writing this blog. Here is the link…  My CPAP is named Sherry and she is my Best Friend.
Once again I started noticing I was tiring out during the day and I started taking numerous naps after work. Then my hubby started telling me that I was making weird noises at night while I was sleeping.  He would wake me up or lightly bump me again because the noises were so loud.  He continuous kept mentioning the noises for the last couple of months. During this time I would wake up with my lips, mouth and throat extremely dry. 
I would get pissed off all over again because he was waking me up.  But he had to prove his point …… he decided to record me while I was sleeping last Friday morning.  He woke me up at 4:30 a.m. so I could hear the recording. At first I started laughing until I started hearing how weird I sounded.  My husband asked me “Now what I am supposed to do when you are making sounds like this?  Shoot I want to call the ambulance because you sound really bad.” 
This was like a wake up call so I promise I was going to call my sleep apnea doctor the next day. But not before I tried to sleep without my cpap that night however that didn’t last long.  My body woke me up with a jump no more than 10 to 15 minutes later.  Letting me know the cpap was still needed. 
I called my doctor first thing Monday morning and made a appointment the next day. 

My weight loss was the first thing we discussed.  Then my problems with my cpap.  He went on to explain that my level which is 18, needs to be adjusted.  Nevertheless he explain that my head had shrunk because of my weight loss and I had loss a lot weight and my levels will not be that high.  He explained that the noises I was making was because my level was set to high and to much air was coming in which cause my mouth to open and let the air back out.  Hence the weird loud noises I was making with my mouth.  He explained that he was going to put me on a machine that will determine what my new level needs to be.  He also prescribed flonase for my severe sinuses problems.  So your girl is a happy camper….I have never been so excited to get something in my life. 

What I have to remember is the weight loss is like a reset. My body is in essence a new instrument and I am learning new things about it everyday, appreciating it even more.   Shoot my feet have even shrunken and I went down a size.


P.S. I am still going to post a post with pictures of the gym equipment I am using to tone and lose weight. I have not forgotten.

Love, Peace and Happiness
Mrs. Tracy

The return of Shelly the Belly


Shelly the belly and I have finally came to a understanding.  She has allowed me to eat chicken.  So nevertheless we are finally working as a team.  There is so much protein in chicken breast as I have stated before  in a previous post. That I really wanted to eat chicken to help me meet my protein count.  I did find out however 3 hours after eating turkey that Shelly the belly didn’t like all white meat. Let’s just  say the 30 minutes trip back to my house from my hometown took 50 minutes after pulling over to let me throw it all up.

Speaking of my belly it has greatly.  decreased…I remember before having the surgery all I could see was my belly.  Now I can look down and see my toes. So your girl is happier than ever.  You can’t tell me nothing
My current weight is 221 pounds down from 227 pounds that I posted a couple days ago  My starting weight in October of 2013 before my surgery was 337.
The day I left the hospital after my gastric bypass surgery I was 314. What a BIG difference.

Well that is all this girl is on her way.to the YMCA!!
This girl is on fire!!
P.S.  (Do anybody even say that anymore) I am going to follow up with a post with pictures of which machines I am using at the YMCA to help enhance my weight loss.

Love, Peace and Happiness
Ms. Tracy

It is on and popping!


In the Chris Brown song..”It  is on and popping”……..in my knee joints, my hips joint, my back, my neck are all popping. However there are no complaints here. 
I am currently going to the YMCA and exercising for at least one hour and half or more at least 3 days a week. My bones are popping, scrubbing making all kinds of sounds. Shoot my body could be a music band. However I know that exercise is a major component with the gastric bypass.  Some people become content with just the surgery and do not exercise that is one of the worst mistakes they ever made.  Which could cause some weight regain.
One of my biggest complaint about the gastric bypass is the loose skin.  My body is so soft and jiggling everywhere. I mean really my bat wings under my arms could fly me anywhere in the United States.  Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining about the surgery because my weight loss is worth every bit of loose skin. However flappy arms are not sexy and since I am trying to get my sexy on.  I am wearing those weights machine out at the YMCA. I use all the machines that target all of my extra loose skin. Sweating be pouring, I be hyperventilating trying to suck oxygen down but I am determined to tone everything up. I have also started walking a mile during my lunch break at work. I love the Map my Walk app. Now watch me as I tone!

  Love, Peace and Happiness!
Mrs. Tracy