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Its a struggle being consistent 


Good afternoon beautiful people!  I just wanted to blog about trying to lose weight and being at a standstill for a long period.  I really want to drop about 30 pounds and it seems that I am fighting like heck just to lose 5 pounds.  Now let’s be real.  Consistently is a must.  I must be consistent and exercise  on a regular basis.  I must be consistent about eating healthy food.  I must be consistent and get my water intake in.  There are so many more things I got to do better about.  I am very alert and aware of my weight which causes me and my scale to have this love and hate relationship.  I am constantly stepping on him just to see what he say.  (Yes my scale is a he.)  Because only a man can give you various information that’s bad majority of the time.  Lol


I personally know that I am always looking in the mirror and I see every imperfections and every flaw on my body.  Every woman does this no matter how pretty she is.  There will always be an area that you wants fixed.  For me it is my weight. I want to lose more pounds because I am so scared of going back to fat Tracy.   I sometimes look in the mirror and all I can see is that 340 pound woman.  That vision scares the living hell out of me.   I used this as a guide to ensure that I don’t get back there.


Nevertheless I always start planning my next day the day before.  I have everything all planned out in my head and never do ALL the things I have planned to do and usually it is the stuff that deals with eating and exercise.  If I did everything that I planned in my head I would weigh around 140 pounds.  I just got to get more consistent period. I know if I could lose a few pounds each week this would motivate me to be more consistent.  But I am just like most people I want thing to be easy and that not the case.  Even though I had the gastric bypass surgery it is still hard to keep this weight off and keep losing. Then here is the kicker when I finally meet my goals…I will start complaining about something else.  However that is not the point right now.  The point right now is being consistent as I keep saying in this post.

Another thing that bother me is when I go out to eat with family members.  I rarely eat more than 1/4 of my food.  However that don’t stop those vultures from watching and waiting for me to finish so they can swallow the rest of my food whole.  I don’t know why I let this upsets me but it does and it causes me to overeat because I know they are going to eat my leftovers.  I am working on this really hard because this type of gluttony can cause overeating which stretch Shelly the belly.  Help me LORD, because this should be my last worry. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I fight this battle that is continuous and never-ending.

I do got news to post about my tests I had this week and a couple of weeks ago.  I will post a blog about my results from the supposedly X-ray of my colon.  Please note I say supposedly….until later guys and gals!

Love, Peace and Happiness





Insurance problems after Gastric bypass


Hello beautiful people!! As we all know there are stages in the gastric bypass journey, because I have cruised into a new lane on the highway.  I was discussing with one of my doctors at the Bariatric doctor office about having the extra skin removed from my stomach and she explained that I have to wait 18 months because I will continue to lose weight and will have to have it again. I am currently only 1 year out.  Now I don’t have problem with that because the extra skin is not that bad yet.  However the issue is the insurance.  My spouse is no longer working and his insurance which is the one that would have paid for the surgery has stop for my kids and I.  However I do have insurance coverage provided by my employer.  But, when I was first approved I receive a letter from my insurance carrier stating  that they would not cover anything that has to do with the weight loss surgery. So now I am in this dilemma were if a medical problem from my gastric bypass ever arises….. coverage is going to be a issue.  In the good old state of South Carolina for state employees any weight loss surgery or prevention are excluded from coverage.  One thing I am lucky to have is a great family doctor who understand the situation and has let me know that he will continue to work closely with my Gastric Bypass doctor if anything ever happens.  However I am knocking on wood because I have not had any problems.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that!! While at the same time saving know I will have to pay out the pocket for skin removal from my stomach.

Peace, love and happiness!
Mrs. Tracy

The journey back to me


It has been a really exciting and depressing couple of months.  My exciting times comes from learning what all my body can do with this weight loss.  142 lost to be exact and I can wear some sizes 12. Being able to buy all kinds of pretty clothes will make any woman happy. I especially love Ashley Stewart and Cato’s stores.   However I have been at a stand still for about a month now weighing at 200.  I can walk a lot and jog a little without getting winded.  I am more flexible even though I will still have to have my hip replacement.  The only problem I am currently having is leg cramps that will wake you up and make you scream your freaking head off.   These cramps are so severe that I have since been placed on potassium pills and my blood pressure and fluid pills will have to be  changed.  Because my potassium levels were so really low.
My other areas where I am depressed and stressed had to a lot to do with my eyes opening and realizing that there are people who will have to be removed from my life.  I believe when I was heavier I took and accepted anything that happened to me.  I was unhappy at times but I just took it and went along with it because I was comfortable in a uncomfortable situation.  Now it is like my cup is full and I can’t take it anymore.  All I am requesting is peace and solitude.  I have always placed everyone else above me and now I want to put me first.  I am able to look back in the past and wondered how in the heck I endured so much.  However I know it was God who was carrying me every step of the way.
One thing I want to say before I close  out this post. If we put ourselves first and make sure that we love ourselves…… a lot of headaches can be avoided later on down the road. Remember God has to be in the center of everything you do.

8 month checkup and life thereafter

image I recently went to my 8th month checkup.  It was suppose to be my 6th but the snow threw a wrench in my doctor appointments and they got shuffled around. Nevertheless one of the worse things that anybody want to hear when you are at a doctor office is…”The other doctors and I have some concerns, after looking over your blood results, we are concerned about your potassium levels. ”  To make a long story short my potassium levels were low and I had to start taking potassium pills.  They also told me I was anemic.  Now thing about being labeled anemic is I had a hysterectomy about 10 years ago and only have my ovaries.  However my family doctor explained it to me that low iron could be the cause so therefore I am also taking iron pills.  One very important thing that I have learned is that theses appointments are very important so you can stay on top of anything that may be happening to your body because of the serious surgery. These are things that can negatively affect my weight loss in the future. So it is not like I am neglecting my blog, I just have a lot going on right now.  Keep me in your prayers and thoughts as I navigate through this tiring time. Love, Peace and Happiness everyone!! Mrs. TRACY

Dealing with disappointments and setbacks!


 I was really disappointed today and had to sit for a spell to get my nerves in check.   The doctor’s surgery scheduler calls me today to discuss possible dates that I may have the surgery.   After we came up with two possible dates which were March 31 or April 22 she gave me a phone number to United Healthcare where I have to register for the barbaric surgery.  Well I made the call and was informed very sternly that I need a 6 month monitor diet plan before the surgery.   Now here’s my issues and why I am a little pissed, ticked, frizzled, and mad.  I call the insurance company as soon as I found out that the weight loss surgery was available and asked every question that pertains to being approved for surgery.   I was told that I would only have to show proof of 5 years of obesity from my primary doctor for United Healthcare and meet with an approved therapist.   I even asked and was told no about the 6 month diet requirements.

Now today I was informed that there is a requirement for the 6 month monitor diet and what Untied Healthcare requires could be different from what my spouse employer also requires.   WOW!! Knocked me right off of my feet.

I quickly called the surgery scheduler and informed her of what they said.   She quietly calmed me down and explained that I already had 4 months of supervised diet because I was going twice monthly and it went over into the fourth month.   I would have to meet with the nutritionist this month and around the first of next month and then she can submitted for approval.   I am scheduled to have the endoscopy tomorrow morning, so that process will be out-of-the-way.  Nevertheless I did expect some hiccups and this is one of the hiccups.  Nevertheless the April date is still very possible after the two week liquid diet.   I am going to stay focus and keep my eyes on the prize, getting my weight under control no matter what distractions or problems that come my way.

Stay Blessed!!!

Peace, Love and Happiness

Mrs. Tracy

I am constantly learning, relearning and adjusting everyday.


A month ago I posted about Cognitive-Emotive Dissonance (see the link)  http://wp.me/p48Fm9-4k.  I believe that I have adapted to this behavior and I have determined that I have change behaviors.  I am continuously make good food choices without any problems.

When I go to the grocery store I know what to buy to keep up good eating habits to make sure that I support  healthy eating. It is really easy to eat unhealthy food, but I am doing my best to stay focus.  My 14 years old son, is also peeping over my shoulder all the time, because he wants to lose weight to pick up his speed for his football.   So this also helps with staying motivated.

My biggest issue is when the hubby and I go out eat.  I always have a hard time picking healthy choices.   I have this thing where I want to eat something good because I am paying for it. This is where cognitive-emotive dissonance comes into play when eating out.  This is behavior that I will have to really work on, it is in my opinion that it is really easy to control these behaviors at home.  But when you are dining out it is really hard to stay on track.  Those temptations fly out the window and that previous behavior surfaces again.   One thing I have learned on this road is that everything is not easy.  Because food is my temptation, I have come ready to fight and win.

I recently ran across several posts about weight loss.  Some inspirations, some not, and one such site seemed to view obesity differently.  It stated that if we wants to stay overweight why should non-fat people worry about it.    Now while I agree with the author about how we are viewed, I did not agree with the posts about the weight loss and why doctors, nutritionists or whomever should stop encouraging overweight people to lose weight and aim for healthy weight. Nevertheless I have to disagree because if I had listen to my doctor about my eating habits and my weight.  I would not be in the sh
ape I am in now.  I guess one reason I also disagree with the posts is because I am one of those people now.  I have talked to my kids and use myself as example to explained why they need to eat healthy and exercise.  I believe that if I would have listen it would have help me to stay healthy and I would not have all these medical problems that I am having now.  It is in my opinion that we have to open our eyes and realize that being overweight is not good and we are causing ourselves great harm by not focusing on healthy eating habits.

Peace, Love and Happiness!!
Ms. Tracy