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You got to love you!

Good morning beautiful people!!! I want to discuss body image.   I know I am not the only one who will walk by something that shows your reflection  and think dang I am still fat.  You will notice your flabby arms, thick thighs and big gut and wonder why everybody keep saying you are melting away.   Because all you see is your former fat self.   Here is the thing that we got to remember is that…. the mind is deceiving YOU!   YOU have lost a significant about of weight.  YOU are making good food choices!  YOU got a lot to be proud of!  Body image can derail any weight loss goal.

However all you got to do is remember this phrase protein first.  I never understood this until later after my surgery how important this phrase was.  Protein first is a phase that everybody who ever had gastric bypass surgery needs to post on their refrigerator. Hang it in your bathroom, hang it from your stove, or it in the cabinet doors… So when you open the door you see it.   Make a bracelet, put it in your car, put it in your office refrigerator.  Shoot  put in on your home screen of your cell phone and lap top.  When you keep seeing this phrase everytime you go to eat anything you can control your eating  habits.  Unless you are over eating and stretching that pouch which will lead to weight gain.

What we have to understand is that protein is a nutrient that helps us feel fuller, longer. If we include proteins in each of our meals or healthy snacks, we’re less likely to feel hungry when it’s not time to eat.

I know you are wondering  what can I do to be effective to ensure that I lose and maintain my weight loss.  In my opinion the number one rule is to eat protein rich foods first. See here is the thing after  surgery, your body will need adequate protein to help build, repair, and maintain muscle tissue and organs. Protein deficiency can occur over an extended period of time which can cause fatigue, hair loss, and muscle wasting.   I remember when I was about three months out after my RNY gastric bypass… My fingernails were so soft and brittle I could barely stratch  myself. Then my big dumb self tried to cover them up with fake nails.  Omg… That hurt so bad it was crazy.   I hurried up and bought Boltin.  Then my hair started falling out also…. Talk about going thru.  That was a really hard period to go thru but I made it thru.  The hair issue was not so bad for me because I love wigs.
Just remember Proteins are one of the essential building blocks of the human body and you need them.

The next time you walk by something that shows your reflection.. Say to yourself.  I look good, and I am doing good therefore I am good! 😊  You got to encourage yourself!! Because you are your biggest motivator.  Love the skin you are in.  Because you could still be that former you.

Peace, Happiness and Love!!


From Women size 28 to Misses size 14

Omg, I am so excited!! I cannot believe that I am can wear a size 14.  What you have to understand is that I haven’t worn a size 14 since 1989.  This was the year I graduated from high school.   However there is a huge different with my body compare to my previous 18 years old body.  For instant I weight around 160 pounds and the booty use to sit up like a soldier, now that sucker sags like a bag of coal. However I am working on toning that bad sucker up.
Let’s not talk about the bat wings.  Those suckers be trying to take flight.  They are so ugly and I am very conscious about what I wear to make sure I hide them.
Don’t get me wrong there are several good things that have happened with the body.  One of the things is wearing bracelets, before my wrist were to BIG and I couldn’t get any bracelets to fit over my chubby hands.  Now I wear all sorts of bracelets.
One of my favorite stores down here in the south is Cato’s.  They have a plus size on one side of the store from sizes 14 to 28 and Missy/Junior size on the other sides of the store sizes from 4 to 18.  At this time I am happy to report that I can officially shop on the Missy/Junior side.  I go in Cato’s so much they know me by name.  I also go to my local Goodwill and buy clothes.  Because of my ever shrinking body and this helps me save a lot of money.
Now don’t get me wrong…I am not being sponsor or have I been told to post about Cato’s…. however I love this store.  Check out some of my pictures with me sporting their lovely tops from here.




Love, Peace and Happiness!!


The return of Shelly the Belly


Shelly the belly and I have finally came to a understanding.  She has allowed me to eat chicken.  So nevertheless we are finally working as a team.  There is so much protein in chicken breast as I have stated before  in a previous post. That I really wanted to eat chicken to help me meet my protein count.  I did find out however 3 hours after eating turkey that Shelly the belly didn’t like all white meat. Let’s just  say the 30 minutes trip back to my house from my hometown took 50 minutes after pulling over to let me throw it all up.

Speaking of my belly it has greatly.  decreased…I remember before having the surgery all I could see was my belly.  Now I can look down and see my toes. So your girl is happier than ever.  You can’t tell me nothing
My current weight is 221 pounds down from 227 pounds that I posted a couple days ago  My starting weight in October of 2013 before my surgery was 337.
The day I left the hospital after my gastric bypass surgery I was 314. What a BIG difference.

Well that is all this girl is on her way.to the YMCA!!
This girl is on fire!!
P.S.  (Do anybody even say that anymore) I am going to follow up with a post with pictures of which machines I am using at the YMCA to help enhance my weight loss.

Love, Peace and Happiness
Ms. Tracy

Analyze, Address, Adapt, Achieve four A’s to live by


I am a very emotional person, and it does not take much for me to cry.   Watching The 600 lbs life show seems to hit home every time.   I believe that I am able to relate with each one of the people even the one who is not successful on their journey.  Even though I do not weigh as much as they did starting this journey I still feel every bit of their pain and I cry every time they cry.

When you are overweight it causes problems with walking, standing and bending.  One of my major problems because of my weight is putting on my own trousers socks.   Shelly the Belly restricts how far I can reach and I have to maneuver all over the place just to put my own socks on.   I am pretty sure that my hips cause some problems with it also.   I mean really this is such a simple task.  Just Imagine if you cannot reach your feet to put sock on.  I am going to add this to my list of things that I want to be able to do once I start losing.

Nevertheless I blame myself for my children being overweight also….. Because of how I cooked and what we ate when we went out to eat.  Golden Corral, Ryan’s, and many Buffets restaurant were in business because of my family.  It really hits home when I watch my kids fighting to lose the weight and become healthy again.   If I had cooked and provided healthy meals right from the jump-start they wouldn’t be fighting this war now. I would have instilled healthy eating habits that they could carry on into adulthood. I am accepting responsibility for my all of my actions.   Some people are not able to accept their responsibility for their weight.  It is in my experience this can cause you to gain the weight right back.  Problems and goals have to be addressed in this order:  Analyze, Address, Adapt, Achieved to correct problems.    These are the four A’s that I am living by.

Peace, Love and Happiness

Mrs. Tracy