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Dealing with my hip replacement limitations

Hello beautiful people!  As you all know I have discussed having my left hop replaced last November in 2016.  I have had problems with my hip for years and needed a hip replacement.  However no doctor would perform the surgery because my BMI was over 51 and at that time I weighed around 340 pounds.  I had my gastric bypass surgery in 2014 and waited about a year and half later to have my hip replacement surgery.

When the pain started worsen I knew it was finally time to get the left one replaced.  However, I have seconded  guess myself at times.  For whatever reason..I had this little image in my mind that they would just take the old hip out and replace with some kind of foreign material that would perform the same duties as my regular hip bone.  Wrong, oh man I was so wrong.  What they actually did was used an ax to severe my hip bone from the other bone.  Cut and remove the head of my thigh bone.  Then they cleaned out my hip socket and remove the rest of the cartilage, the damaged arthritic bone with the cyst that covered over 50% of my hip bone.  (That’s why my doctors wanted me to use a walker.  They were scared I was going to fall and break my really thin hip.)  Then the doctor put the new hip socket in place, a liner is then placed in the new socket.   Then they did something that I failed to hear or I was sleepy….. Heck I don’t know…. All I know is I didn’t know they was going to inserted medal stem into my thigh bone. I just know I miss that little but of information.  They placed the correct-sized ball for the new hip and secure all the new parts. They repair the muscles and tendons around the new joint and close me up.  Fast forward…. To now.  

One thing I assumed was I would be able to cut and paint, clean my left feet with out passing out from pain.  Wrong..I still can’t reach that bad boy.  My son is the one who helps me paint and cut my toenails on my left foot.  Here the thing he hasn’t cut them in months just painted them for me. Well it was time to paint then again so he told me, “Ma your nails are to long I need to cut them.”  As soon as he started… He was hollering “Oh my God” they are too long, they are curving, Ma you can’t reach them at all,  DUCK, they are thick!” He cut trimmed, remove nail polish and repaint.  I love my baby because he didn’t have to do it.  He did tell me I needed to start going to get feet done on a regular basis because he will not be here forever.  I paid him because he didn’t have to do it.

Nevertheless I am going to contact my orthopedic doctor to get a referral to start a physical therapy program because I want to be able to reach my left feet.  Don’t get me wrong….I can walk without worrying about numbing and pain.  I just can’t reach my left foot. 

Love, peace and happiness!


Choosing a new doctor and getting back on track.



Going to two weight loss bariatric clinics has given me a whole different view on bariatric surgery. While I really like Dr. One, I will say that Dr. Two is more through and seems to make sure that you are very informed about weight loss surgery.  Dr. One seems to have a smaller practice which I like more because you really get to build a better relationship with the staff and doctor. Doctor Two is a larger practice and every group meeting that I have attended has at 50 people or more.  I also feel that you are very limited on building a personal relationship with the staff and doctor because of the size of the practice.   However because I am a very talkative and I have the type of personality that is hard to forget we may be able to develop a relationship.

The main physician of the practice is also the administrator of the hospital where I will have the surgery and he is over several other practices in Greenville so I made sure I didn’t choose him.  He is just a little too busy, and I don’t want to be just another patient. I chose one of the other doctors who also have a good reputation, but I believe will be a better fit because I want him to remember me when he sees my name.

I hope I am finally on the road to success and will finally have my surgery, because this whole process has really messed with my emotions and motivation.  I am going to the gym more trying to get my body and mind right so if this does not work out this time.   I will do it on my own, because nevertheless the weight has to come off.   One thing I will not do is start to use the surgery as clutch as if  I can’t do it on my own.  I really don’t know if I can but I will do my best trying… the problems is I always fall short.  So it is really up to me. Pray for me.


Blessing, Peace and Happiness

Ms. Tracy

Finally the doctor’s approval!!


I am finally on the way.  I heard from my doctor for the weight loss surgery and the doctor has approved me for the surgery.   You do have to wonder why you would first have to go through:

  • 6 sessions of therapy
  • 6 nutrition meetings with your nutritionist.

Then the doctor has to give his approval, which is all based on the therapist and nutritionist agreeing and giving their approval that you are a good candidate for the surgery.  Oh and let’s not forget that the therapy visits cost $250.00 and the nutritionist is another $230.00.  (I wonder if that money is refundable if they don’t sign off) 

Nevertheless I met all the requirements.  My next step is to meet with Dr. Ross next Wednesday and then I must have the endoscopy procedure the first week in March to check for H. pylori.  If all goes well they will submit approval to my insurance.      

Wooooo!! I feet like I just gave a long speech!  I am ready even though I am nervous.  I mean who wouldn’t be.  You are getting ready to go under a knife and have a major surgery so I am allowed to be nervous and scared. 


Love, Peace and Happiness