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Who is at fault????


I have been dupe, I have been lied to, I have been neglected, I have been swindled, fooled, tricked deceived, and hoodwinked.  I could go on and on and use every synonym that means hoodwinked.  But that would take too long to type all the words out.

I have been asked over and over how did you go through the whole process for gastric bypass and not know that you were going to the right doctor?  Who is responsible???  The answer is simple…I am at fault.   I should have triple, no bump that I should have double, triple check. I should have called the insurance over and over to make sure that everything was on track.

I have had my first visit with the new doctor office and they have several things I will have to complete that I was not informed of when I first talk to the scheduler.  The list includes:

  • 5 pre-surgery support groups before you first meeting with the doctor.
  • 10 pre-surgery support groups before your surgery date.
  • Pre-surgery OPTIFAST 800 Diet program.
  • This starts 4 weeks before my surgery and must be followed until the day before my surgery.
  •  I will also be required to lose 8% of my weight during that time.  (No problem I can do that).
  •   I have to consume OPTIFAST 800 supplements five times a day.  (These supplements will hit me for $400.00) They include soups, bars and powered shakes.  You are limited to only one bar and one soup a day.
  • I can only consume one meal a day which has to be low in fat, high in protein, non-starchy vegetables.
  •   I can have all the unlimited free foods I want…such as sugar-free jello and sugar-free Popsicle as longs as they less than 20 calories.  Pickles (dill only) cucumbers, celery.
  • Attend weekly medical monitoring and nutrition therapy training session as direction.


This is a lot for someone who had completed the process except for the 2 weeks diet for another doctor and his program.  Even though I don’t have to have the EDG I still feel like I am starting all over.  This process could have been done in February or March and I would have been on the losing side.  But as I have said on more than one occasion this is a set down for set up.

Nevertheless here is my message to anyone that is in the process of trying to get approval and embark on this journey.  Worry the heck out of your insurance…Ask about …..the Centers of Excellence, do your employer or your spouse employer have requirements that you need to complete, such as use certain doctor or hospital, is there a percentage of weight you have to lose right before the surgery.  These are only a few questions that need to be asked.  Research, probe and investigate, explore, study your insurance policy.

Love, peace and happiness.

Ms. Tracy


Open, wounded and recovering


Sometimes in life we all encounter obstacles that will set us back or knock us down.  Last Saturday, I lost my last aunt on my father’s side she was only 54 years old.  One reason this death hurt so much is because we had recently lost her older sister in September of 2013.  When you are dealing with something so painful it is really hard to keep up healthy eating.   Because you are  in pain and really in your feelings…. the last thing you are thinking about is counting calories.  I can admit that I did get off of track.  Right now I have gotten back on track and focusing on dealing with their absences.

During this trying time all I could think about is ….what I could have done different and how I wished I had spent more time with each one of them. Death leaves you open and wounded as if someone have removed a piece of your heart and it is forever gone.  My hardest task is helping my children to understand and learn how to cope with death.   I suggested that they dig deep and prepare themselves because this will not be the last one and I encouraged them to pray and ask GOD for guidance during this time.

I have one uncle left and I hate to admit it but we are not really close.   He really took it hard and is also having a hard time coping.  My sisters, cousins and I are currently reaching out to him and trying to bring everyone closing.  If we are successful we don’t really know but we will do our best and try.

Love, Peace and Hope

Mrs. Tracy

Finally the doctor’s approval!!


I am finally on the way.  I heard from my doctor for the weight loss surgery and the doctor has approved me for the surgery.   You do have to wonder why you would first have to go through:

  • 6 sessions of therapy
  • 6 nutrition meetings with your nutritionist.

Then the doctor has to give his approval, which is all based on the therapist and nutritionist agreeing and giving their approval that you are a good candidate for the surgery.  Oh and let’s not forget that the therapy visits cost $250.00 and the nutritionist is another $230.00.  (I wonder if that money is refundable if they don’t sign off) 

Nevertheless I met all the requirements.  My next step is to meet with Dr. Ross next Wednesday and then I must have the endoscopy procedure the first week in March to check for H. pylori.  If all goes well they will submit approval to my insurance.      

Wooooo!! I feet like I just gave a long speech!  I am ready even though I am nervous.  I mean who wouldn’t be.  You are getting ready to go under a knife and have a major surgery so I am allowed to be nervous and scared. 


Love, Peace and Happiness


What the heck is Cognitive-Emotive Dissonance?


 I attended my last therapy meeting Wednesday and the therapist talked about Cognitive-Emotive Dissonance.   When she spoke these words, I repeated them out loud, trying to get a feel for these three words because evidently these three words are something that I should be really comforted with.   The feeling of discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs is Cognitive Emotive. When there is a difference between beliefs and behaviors, something must change to end or reduce the conflict.

Well this is your girl right here, because I am currently in  this situation  and I am trying to make eating healthy normal behavior.  When you embark on a healthy life change you are changing behaviors that you have viewed as normal for your whole life.  Learning to eat the right food that will not cause weight gain and that are good for your body, requires a lot of effort and you will  have to be very aware of what you are eating all the time. 

According to my therapist she stated that you have to realize that your old way of eating, feeling or acting when it comes to eating healthy is not right. Develop a more healthy way of thinking about food and practice, practice and practice until it becomes your normal way of thinking. 

Overall I believe that I am currently converting to this new way of thinking, it is hard changing, but it has awesome rewards that I am eager to see and enjoy.