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I am seeing progress!!



I am getting excited!!  I met with the therapist today and she gave her approval.  I had to fill out several questionnaires about myself and she went over the results with me.  One of the things she discussed was that I may have the tendency to binge eat and then feel guilty afterward.  I stopped and stared at her and was saying in my head…..”No, no, no , not me…. I don’t do that” in my Kevin Hart voice.  However every word she said was true.   I do binge eat and then regret it afterward, shoot if you don’t believe me read some of my past posts.  Even though I have never put my finger down my throat because of my eating habits, it has crossed my mind before but I hate to throw up.  I have used the chew and don’t swallow method.

I know you looking at the screen and is wondering what the what???? Well let me explained what the swallow method is…you will bite a piece of sweet chewy chocolate brownie and chew and chew but don’t swallow and spit it out in the trash can.  Don’t shake your head or laugh at me.   At least I have consciously taken the responsibility to realize that I can’t eat the brownie.  Nevertheless, I know all it takes is one bite and you will eat even more.  As I have said on several occasions, I am working on these learned behaviors that have caused me to gain all this weight.  So be patience with me.  I do believe that when you eat unhealthy all kinds of crazy thoughts go through your head of possibly ways of getting all the fat back out of your body.

The therapist also discuss that I put on a fake face when I am around others.  I know you are wondering what a fake face is.   A fake face is when you smile and act as if your life is just amazing.   But what people don’t know is that you hide your problems and doesn’t show people what is really going on in your life.   To a certain degree I do act like this, but I am the type of person that believe that everything will work out and not to think negative about my problems.   I focus on solutions and how to correct it.  I don’t dwell on my problems but a second and then I am in correction mode and focusing on what is my back up plan and implementing it as soon as possible.

Well as a result of this visit with the therapist.  I will see the doctor on Monday the 19th.   Yes, yes even though this whole process has tore my nerves up.  I am getting there.  I am so happy I want to cut flips but I don’t believe my stubby arms can handle my weight.  Hopefully a date will be coming up next.. Fingers are crossed.

Stay Blessed!!

Ms. Tracy


My set back will be a set up for my come back


One thing I have learned on this journey to have my weight loss surgery is to expect for it to be bumps in the road.  Sometimes these bumps can throw you off your path and make you just want to give up.   With that being said…I hit a major bump…this wasn’t just any kind of bump like the last one where I had to do 3 more session with the nutritionist.  

This bump requires that I change physician and hospital.  My spouse’s employer has their own requirements that have to be followed for the insurance.  First there are only a few hospitals and weight loss doctors in the network that have the Center of Excellence for United Healthcare.  My current doctor and hospital does have the Center of Excellence, just not the additional one with United Healthcare.  

Because of these requirements and even though my doctor is in my network; I will be required to travel an hour outside of my town for the new doctor.   The hospital where I will eventually have surgery is also located about 1 hour and 30 minutes away.   Because the surgery is an elective there is not a GAP exception. Can you say a smack in the face?  

Nevertheless I did talk to the new office surgery scheduler and as soon as I explained the reason for the change because of my spouse’s insurance she knew exactly what I was talking about.  The surgery scheduler has emailed me on several occasions and has given me all kind of information about their requirements.  The only other thing I will have to do is pay an extra hundred dollars and meet with the doctor, therapist and nutritionist once.  She informed me that the surgery will be in two more months. My appointment is coming up this week with the new doctor and I have a list of questions I will be asking him.  

What really pisses me off is that I called United Healthcare and asked all kind of questions and they never informed me about Center of Excellence for United Health care requirement. If I knew this I would have went to the correct doctor from the jumpstart. There is no reason to cry over spilled milk, because it is done and there is nothing I can do about it beside quit and not have the surgery which is not an option. 

Even though this is a setback I can pick myself up, brush myself off, and start again. I will not let this set back make me quit! My set back will be a set up for my come back! Therefore my come back will propel me toward my goal, which is to get my weight under control and healthy. 

On a good note I have lost an extra six pound this month.

Love Peace and Blessing

Mrs. Tracy

Dealing with disappointments and setbacks!


 I was really disappointed today and had to sit for a spell to get my nerves in check.   The doctor’s surgery scheduler calls me today to discuss possible dates that I may have the surgery.   After we came up with two possible dates which were March 31 or April 22 she gave me a phone number to United Healthcare where I have to register for the barbaric surgery.  Well I made the call and was informed very sternly that I need a 6 month monitor diet plan before the surgery.   Now here’s my issues and why I am a little pissed, ticked, frizzled, and mad.  I call the insurance company as soon as I found out that the weight loss surgery was available and asked every question that pertains to being approved for surgery.   I was told that I would only have to show proof of 5 years of obesity from my primary doctor for United Healthcare and meet with an approved therapist.   I even asked and was told no about the 6 month diet requirements.

Now today I was informed that there is a requirement for the 6 month monitor diet and what Untied Healthcare requires could be different from what my spouse employer also requires.   WOW!! Knocked me right off of my feet.

I quickly called the surgery scheduler and informed her of what they said.   She quietly calmed me down and explained that I already had 4 months of supervised diet because I was going twice monthly and it went over into the fourth month.   I would have to meet with the nutritionist this month and around the first of next month and then she can submitted for approval.   I am scheduled to have the endoscopy tomorrow morning, so that process will be out-of-the-way.  Nevertheless I did expect some hiccups and this is one of the hiccups.  Nevertheless the April date is still very possible after the two week liquid diet.   I am going to stay focus and keep my eyes on the prize, getting my weight under control no matter what distractions or problems that come my way.

Stay Blessed!!!

Peace, Love and Happiness

Mrs. Tracy