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Insurance problems after Gastric bypass


Hello beautiful people!! As we all know there are stages in the gastric bypass journey, because I have cruised into a new lane on the highway.  I was discussing with one of my doctors at the Bariatric doctor office about having the extra skin removed from my stomach and she explained that I have to wait 18 months because I will continue to lose weight and will have to have it again. I am currently only 1 year out.  Now I don’t have problem with that because the extra skin is not that bad yet.  However the issue is the insurance.  My spouse is no longer working and his insurance which is the one that would have paid for the surgery has stop for my kids and I.  However I do have insurance coverage provided by my employer.  But, when I was first approved I receive a letter from my insurance carrier stating  that they would not cover anything that has to do with the weight loss surgery. So now I am in this dilemma were if a medical problem from my gastric bypass ever arises….. coverage is going to be a issue.  In the good old state of South Carolina for state employees any weight loss surgery or prevention are excluded from coverage.  One thing I am lucky to have is a great family doctor who understand the situation and has let me know that he will continue to work closely with my Gastric Bypass doctor if anything ever happens.  However I am knocking on wood because I have not had any problems.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that!! While at the same time saving know I will have to pay out the pocket for skin removal from my stomach.

Peace, love and happiness!
Mrs. Tracy