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Choosing a new doctor and getting back on track.



Going to two weight loss bariatric clinics has given me a whole different view on bariatric surgery. While I really like Dr. One, I will say that Dr. Two is more through and seems to make sure that you are very informed about weight loss surgery.  Dr. One seems to have a smaller practice which I like more because you really get to build a better relationship with the staff and doctor. Doctor Two is a larger practice and every group meeting that I have attended has at 50 people or more.  I also feel that you are very limited on building a personal relationship with the staff and doctor because of the size of the practice.   However because I am a very talkative and I have the type of personality that is hard to forget we may be able to develop a relationship.

The main physician of the practice is also the administrator of the hospital where I will have the surgery and he is over several other practices in Greenville so I made sure I didn’t choose him.  He is just a little too busy, and I don’t want to be just another patient. I chose one of the other doctors who also have a good reputation, but I believe will be a better fit because I want him to remember me when he sees my name.

I hope I am finally on the road to success and will finally have my surgery, because this whole process has really messed with my emotions and motivation.  I am going to the gym more trying to get my body and mind right so if this does not work out this time.   I will do it on my own, because nevertheless the weight has to come off.   One thing I will not do is start to use the surgery as clutch as if  I can’t do it on my own.  I really don’t know if I can but I will do my best trying… the problems is I always fall short.  So it is really up to me. Pray for me.


Blessing, Peace and Happiness

Ms. Tracy