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Reflection is the best tool


Good morning beautiful people! Let’s take a look at reflection and how it affects your weight loss. Now before I start please let me state that these are my own personal views and opinions and not rules that you have to follow. They are my beliefs.

Reflection is define as a thought, idea, or opinion formed or a remark made as a result of meditation.

Reflection is really important when someone who is overweight and is unhappy with their weight because of medical, physical or low self esteem reasons. Because it helps them to redirect and figure out how to lose weight or get their weight under control. Reflection helps you to be able to be aware of what you put in your mouth and monitor your eating habits. I also believe that reflection helps promotes guilt which can help you resist eating foods that can and will cause weight gain. I mean who wants to have a future that will include diabetes, Gerd, orthopedics and heat disease. One of the best tools to help me with weight loss is my reflection in the mirror.

Using reflection as a tool can help break negative cycles that have caused you to gain weight in the first place. It can also help you to look at your personal beliefs about yourself, and question these behaviors and start the process of becoming a better you. Personally reflection has helped me to be aware of my own shortcoming and motivated me more than anything when it comes to my weight loss and personal growth as a person. I can’t imagine not be able to looks at my flaws and figure out what I am doing wrong to improve and be a better person.

Love, Peace and Happiness!

Be blessed


Am I that woman in the mirror?


How many other people who have lost a great deal of weight…catch themselves walking by anything that show your reflection stop and back up to look at yourself again.  I catch myself doing this a lot now.  Heck I have taken so many selfies with my cell phone, I am surprised I have any memory left.  I am just amazed at the transformation. I would have never thought that I would look so much better. When your appearances changes this much your self esteem greatly improves. 

Sometimes when I walk by and catch a glimpse of myself, I questioned if it is really me.  I just stare at myself. For some reason I still keep seeing myself as the 330 pound woman! 

My weight loss has also attracted a lot attention from other people also.  A lot of it good, but what I hate hearing is….”So and so had that weight loss surgery and he or she gained all their weight back in a year’s time.”
Come on people!! Really!!! Please stop doing that.  That statement really pisses me off. 
Nevertheless I am not “So and So” and I will really make sure I used this tool right.
Love, Peace and Happiness!!