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Digging deep down and pulling myself back up!

vitaminGood morning beautiful people!!

  • Well today is not good day for your girl.  I have notice that I am feeling really tired and drained.  I can’t really figure out what is going on.  So while doing my research on my protein intake for  my protein limits in one shake I look over the vitamins requirement and remember that I hadn’t taken a Vitamin D in months.  I don’t know if this is what is making me feel sluggish and tired.  However I am going to the drug store today and purchase a couple of jars.  I have always taken:
  • my multivitamin
  • Blood pressure,
  • GERD (Acid reflux)
  • Fluid retention
  • B-12,
  • Biotin

However I have been iffy about the Calcium citrate  and potassium pills because I always took it 4 hours later.  Well that stops today.  I have put alarm on my phone to remind to take pills at lunch time and around 4:00 for my other dose.  I believe I am far enough out after my surgery to develop deficiencies from not taking these vitamins.

Now before you start hollering “are you stupid you know you got to take that Vitamin D.”  Let me explain how it slipped my mind.  I ran out of vitamin D and threw the bottle in the trash and was going to pick a bottle up and just forgot about it.  I mean really I had so much stuff going on last year.  Which is when I think I stop taking that vitamin.  I was going through and still going though some major personal stuff.  I was schedule to have my hip replaced around the first of August and it was canceled because I starting have severe pain in my stomach.  I thought I was dumping.  However I was wrong…it was my gallbladder.  So I had to have a two surgery last August to have my gallbladder removed and two weeks later they had to go back in the old stomach and remove a gallstones that had travel down my bile duct and they were not able to get it when I had the gallbladder remove.  Now just imagine have two surgery in one month on your stomach area.  (ALSO IMPORTANT NOTE:  IF YOU HURT IN YOUR STOMACH!! SKIP YOUR LOCAL ER (emergency room).  IF YOU HAD THE GASTRIC BYPASS THEY WILL NOT TOUCH YOU WITH A 12 FEET POLE. Go to your ER Hospital where you had your gastric bypass and call your gastric bypass doctor.)  This is how I forgot.

I know this is new news to everyone because my blogging has gotten really bad and I am trying to correct that now. Because this is information that people need to know to help them as they travel down this path.

I did talk to my nutritionist and she did inform me that I was taking too much protein at one time. She explained that all I need was one cup of milk, and one scoop of my protein in one drink.  She said do not included Greek yogurt.  She also made appointment for me to come in meet with her and I signed up for the classes for Post Op therapy group to help me with getting back on track.  I am being really proactive and I am going to have to make sure I don’t fall off again.  I have also decided to start going to my YMCA near my office and exercise during lunch.  What I am able to eat only take a few minutes and I rarely go out to lunch with my coworkers because I feel like I waste money.  I mean really I don’t eat enough to even go anywhere. I come out better just eating a can of chicken or tuna.  Plus when I go out to eat. There is always a lot of food left over and I end up getting a take out tray and guess what I do with that plate…I nibble on it all day while at the office.   So I want to exercise and during that time. Plus it gets me out of this dang office.  I will still go in the evening with my son also to the YMCA.

Any suggestions would greatly help. Because we all know that this is a trial and error program and you learn by listening and talking about your experiences with others.

Love, Peace and Happiness!



Open, wounded and recovering


Sometimes in life we all encounter obstacles that will set us back or knock us down.  Last Saturday, I lost my last aunt on my father’s side she was only 54 years old.  One reason this death hurt so much is because we had recently lost her older sister in September of 2013.  When you are dealing with something so painful it is really hard to keep up healthy eating.   Because you are  in pain and really in your feelings…. the last thing you are thinking about is counting calories.  I can admit that I did get off of track.  Right now I have gotten back on track and focusing on dealing with their absences.

During this trying time all I could think about is ….what I could have done different and how I wished I had spent more time with each one of them. Death leaves you open and wounded as if someone have removed a piece of your heart and it is forever gone.  My hardest task is helping my children to understand and learn how to cope with death.   I suggested that they dig deep and prepare themselves because this will not be the last one and I encouraged them to pray and ask GOD for guidance during this time.

I have one uncle left and I hate to admit it but we are not really close.   He really took it hard and is also having a hard time coping.  My sisters, cousins and I are currently reaching out to him and trying to bring everyone closing.  If we are successful we don’t really know but we will do our best and try.

Love, Peace and Hope

Mrs. Tracy

My Gall Bladder is trying to wreck havoc on my Body!

I hope everybody had a great Merry Christmas and have a safe and awesome New Year’s.

I went to the doctor on Monday for my 4th visit with the nutritionist and I have lost four more pounds.  I only have two more visits with the nutritionist and weight loss group then I will be finished.   I know I have several more things that will need to be done.   Including a Gall Bladder ultrasound, but what I did not expect was my gall bladder to start attacking my body.

For the last couple of weeks I have been in severe pain off and on.   See my problem is I have arthritis in my hips and will eventually have to have a complete hip replacement. (I am trying to prolong that sucker for about 10 years.)  So when I started having pain on my sides, I am usually trying to figure out if it is my hips or other pain.  But oh Boy, this pain right here was so different.  This was a number 10 on the pain scale.  Those suckers (the pain) crawled up my back and rode down my side like a roller coaster. I thought that little elf that everyone is going crazy about was jumping on me with spikes heels.  So off to my primary physician I go.   First thing he does is try to rule out a pulled muscle and prescribe flexeril pills.

Now we are in another whole ball park, see this young sweet thing has never ever, ever taken flexeril.  These bad boys right here….. are all in a different playing field.  These little pills put your girl down.  She couldn’t move, couldn’t talk and could barely wake up the next morning.   I had to put a B12 pill up under my tongue and drink a cup of coffee with caffeine just to get up.  Trust and believe that I know I do not suppose to have caffeine but I needed that caffeine really bad.

So an ultra scan of my gallbladder is schedule to make sure this is the cause.  Therefore, I discussed this with the nurse practitioner Monday and she told me that I needed to wait for 6 weeks (if they want to remove my gall bladder) if I can for my gastric bypass surgery.  She explained that they can remove my gall bladder during the surgery.  Now six weeks is not that long.  But when you are in pain off and on, six weeks is a long time.

Nevertheless I cannot believe that this much time has pass and I am about to embark on the most exciting trip in my life, control of my life.   This trip will ensure that I will live a long and bless life.  Say a prayer for me controlling this pain from my gall stones.