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Informing my family about the facts of weight loss surgery!


Today my husband and I were talking about my gastric bypass surgery being rescheduled.  For whatever reason he was very confused and did not understand exactly what was all involved with the gastric bypass.  Now let’s all remember I have been on this trip for a minute about one year and finishing my second program through a whole new doctor office.
For whatever reason he thought I was going in for liposuction and apparently my son did also because he agreed with him.
Sometimes we have to stop thinking about ourselves and make sure that everyone around you are aware of what  this surgery is really about. They have to have be informed just in case something happened.
On another note, several of my friends and acquaintances are telling me that they can tell I am losing weight. This a major non scale victory.  I can tell it in my clothes, especially my shirts around the neck area. In a previous post I discussed being able to locate where the pounds come off.  Glad to say pounds are coming off around my love handles and neck area.

Love, Peace and Blessings
Mrs. Tracy

Disappointment is not my middle name.


One thing I have always pride myself on being is inspiring.  I refused to be a Debbie Downer.  With that being said, yes I was threw for a loop and felt like there were certain individuals that could have help but didn’t.  One thing I know for fact is that Tracy is responsible for my kids, my husband and myself and in that order.  I know that I got to watch out for us and always put us first.  So why should I be surprised when someone else doesn’t want to help and disappears when you need them.

Nevertheless I have moved on and is eagerly waiting for my surgery date on July 30th with $1000.00 less in my pocketbook.

On another good note I have lost a total of 28 pounds!! Everybody that I see keep talking about how much weight I am losing and that if I am losing the weight do I really need the surgery.  I cannot comprehension why people are saying this. Because there is no possible way that I can drink Optifast four times a day and one low-fat healthy meal everyday for $120.00 weekly forever.  I could do the low-fat meals because that is what the gastric bypass requires but not Optifast forever.

As I am shrinking I am constantly thinking of a masterplan to ensure that I remain and maintain my weight loss to live a long and healthy blessed life.

I am officially 25 pounds lighter!!


I am overjoyed, ecstatic, jubilant, excited, nervous, happy and dancing around like a kid in a toy store with unlimited supplies of toys.

I started this Opti-fast diet about 3 weeks ago and I am happy to say I have dropped 11 pounds. Since I started at this new doctor office in April I have dropped 25 pounds altogether.

However, I do have to admit that I have dreams of chocolate chip cookies and McDonald’s French fries floating as clouds in the skies. I grabbed my imaginary bat and swat each of the suckers out of the sky. This dang diet has me fighting urges left and right…but your girl is like a boxer I go out kicking and fighting like a champ. I wake up chanting Muhammad Ali famous quote.  “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.  My mouth can’t eat what my eyes can’t see.”   Lol, I just changed it around to fit me.

One thing that I have to admit is that even though I complained about going to this whole other gastric bypass doctor office and starting over (read my earlier post   https://tracysmanning.wordpress.com/2014/03/30/my-set-back-will-be-a-set-up-for-my-come-back/). I have to admit that this was the best decision I have ever made. Dr. Scott and his team really look out for the client and make sure that you are well prepared for any and everything that pertains to weight loss surgery.

The first preparation class discussed Phase 1 which includes the full liquid diet after the surgery. I learned several things. One thing that really surprise me was the information about rinsing your mouth with Listerine 2-3 times a daily for 2 weeks because you could develop thrush. Second no straws, gum, sports bottles with a sport caps or sip cups because you can fill your small pouch with air and which can cause it to rupture.

Every week we go over different things that we will have to know while in the hospital and after we are released from the hospital. I am absorbing a lot and keeping a note-book of everything. I am looking forward to losing these pounds and strutting my stuff.


My journey, my life, my decisions


Well I got my letter in the mail about my approval for my surgery and was really excited.  Because this confirms I am having my surgery.  As you all know the surgery scheduler called me about the approval so I already knew.

My next step is to see the nutritionist  about starting the Optifast diet this Friday for four weeks.  I will start the diet this Saturday minus two hundred dollars in my pocket.  I am so really to get the ball moving.  The Optifast is suppose to help shrink your liver before the surgery,  because a enlarge liver can cause problem reaching your stomach during the surgery.  I have previously been diagnosed with fatty liver so this does  worry me some.

I will be allowed five Optifast 800 supplements and one food meal a day.  It will consist of protein such as chicken breast,  1 egg, fish, lean ham, turkey breast.  Vegetables non starchy, fruit such as Apple, oranges, kiwi, peaches, etc. Unlimited sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles, picked, cucumbers.  APPROXIMATELY 1200 calories per day. Woo!!! I will really savor that one meal.

It seems that when you get to this point everybody starts trying to give you advice.  For instance two ladies made sure they mention…. so and so died from that surgery. I mean really!! The last thing anybody wants to hear is the word death especially when you are getting ready to have the surgery.

Nevertheless as I have said on numerous occasion.  This is my journey!! As long as I trust and believe in my Lord and Savior, I know everything is going be alright.

Love, Peace and Happiness
Ms. Tracy

I have been approved and scheduled

stock-photo-insurance-coverage-approved-148181882I am excited, overjoyed, overwhelmed, happy and ready.  I got my called this evening that I have been APPROVED for surgery and my surgery date is July 15th!! 🙂
There will be a required 4 week diet among several other things.  I will follow up with before pictures and the rest of the process sometime this week.

Love, Peace and Blessings
Mrs. Tracy

Who is at fault????


I have been dupe, I have been lied to, I have been neglected, I have been swindled, fooled, tricked deceived, and hoodwinked.  I could go on and on and use every synonym that means hoodwinked.  But that would take too long to type all the words out.

I have been asked over and over how did you go through the whole process for gastric bypass and not know that you were going to the right doctor?  Who is responsible???  The answer is simple…I am at fault.   I should have triple, no bump that I should have double, triple check. I should have called the insurance over and over to make sure that everything was on track.

I have had my first visit with the new doctor office and they have several things I will have to complete that I was not informed of when I first talk to the scheduler.  The list includes:

  • 5 pre-surgery support groups before you first meeting with the doctor.
  • 10 pre-surgery support groups before your surgery date.
  • Pre-surgery OPTIFAST 800 Diet program.
  • This starts 4 weeks before my surgery and must be followed until the day before my surgery.
  •  I will also be required to lose 8% of my weight during that time.  (No problem I can do that).
  •   I have to consume OPTIFAST 800 supplements five times a day.  (These supplements will hit me for $400.00) They include soups, bars and powered shakes.  You are limited to only one bar and one soup a day.
  • I can only consume one meal a day which has to be low in fat, high in protein, non-starchy vegetables.
  •   I can have all the unlimited free foods I want…such as sugar-free jello and sugar-free Popsicle as longs as they less than 20 calories.  Pickles (dill only) cucumbers, celery.
  • Attend weekly medical monitoring and nutrition therapy training session as direction.


This is a lot for someone who had completed the process except for the 2 weeks diet for another doctor and his program.  Even though I don’t have to have the EDG I still feel like I am starting all over.  This process could have been done in February or March and I would have been on the losing side.  But as I have said on more than one occasion this is a set down for set up.

Nevertheless here is my message to anyone that is in the process of trying to get approval and embark on this journey.  Worry the heck out of your insurance…Ask about …..the Centers of Excellence, do your employer or your spouse employer have requirements that you need to complete, such as use certain doctor or hospital, is there a percentage of weight you have to lose right before the surgery.  These are only a few questions that need to be asked.  Research, probe and investigate, explore, study your insurance policy.

Love, peace and happiness.

Ms. Tracy


Falling down……


I have jumped ship, fell off the bridge, bumped my head, lost all sense of direction and I am walking around and around in circles. I know what the problem is and where I went astray. It started with all these problems I was having with the insurance and having to start over with a new doctor. Even though I have completed every aspect of the requirements for the surgery, being told that you will have to change bariatric doctor and go to a hospital that is 60 miles out of your way will throw a major wretch in your plans.

My Aunt’s passing was another thing that also side tracked me. Dealing with death of someone you love causes all kind of emotions and I chose to eat unhealthy during this time. But here is the major kicker every time I eat something that I know is fattening I know it is wrong and I shouldn’t do it. But I still did it nevertheless. Luckily I did not gain any weight.

I am now in the process of reevaluating all of my behaviors and focusing on getting back on track. I am really lucky that I do not have to take any more therapy or nutrition meetings. But I will have to wait 2 more months before I have the surgery. So I started out with the surgery date in February or March. Now I am looking at June of this year. This delay is also causing problems with my hip surgery that I was supposed to have in September or October, now I am probably looking at November or December. Do I really want to have a hip replacement during the holiday? The answer is no…but because I will have met my deductible for the year I would be stupid not to have it as soon as I can. Moving forward nonetheless, keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Because we all fall down, we just got to get back up and get back on track.