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Adjusting to the new me

image It has officially been one week since I had my surgery on July 30, 2014. My starting weight when I went to the hospital was 311 pounds. When I got back home after my surgery I weigh 314 pounds. I wasn’t in denial, I knew my body had been through a major change and I was full of toxic fumes that could not find the correct exits doors because my muscles were not cooperating at the time.

My current weight is 295 pounds. WOW!! I can’t remember the last time I even weighing in my 200s. I am just amazed that I have lost 19 pounds in one week. Now don’t get it twisted I walked my butt off trying to get that gas to find the right doors. But nevertheless the weight is falling on fairly quickly. Let’s hope it continue.

I am also averaging around 80 grams of proteins and around 50 ounces of water the last couple days. Now remember I am on medical leave and is not set to return to the office until Sept 2, 2014 so I have the time to get all the fluids in. I am having problems with not gulping….I mean on average day before the surgery I was drinking over 80 ounces of water. Trying to control my gulping and changing to sipping is hard. I am also having problems with nausea, I am so glad the doctor gave me two medicines for that.

My drain was removed today also. That little balloon was really trying my patience. When the doctor cut the thread and had me to count to 30 out aloud. I could feel him pulling it out but it did not hurt whatsoever. I am going to post a picture of the drain so you can see how it looks. If you have a tender stomach you may not want to see this picture. You have a drain that is connected to the larger part of your stomach that was bypassed. It will come out of your side and will drain fluids. This helps the doctor to detect if there is a leak from any of the incisions. The bandages had to be changed daily and my husband and kids would act as if they were dying when they changed it.


I was also taken off of one of my medicines for my high blood pressure today because I let the doctor know I hadn’t taken my medicines this morning to make sure I did not have to make a restroom stop on the way to my doctor appointment. He was amazed because it was only 117 over 72 so he took me off one of the medicine.

The six spots where they did my surgery laparoscopic itches likes crazy but there is no pain. This really amazes me because I thought I would be hurting where the incisions are located.

Mentally I am adjusting to everything because everything is control by your mouth. You can’t over indulge or just any eat any and everything anymore. Your stomach is master of that domain now. I am currently in the pureed stage, where everything has to be purred and liquified before I eat it. Then I am limited on what I can eat. I am happy about introducing other foods into my diet. But currently at this time I am to get my proteins from my protein shakes and can eat 6 small meals of a very limited variety of food.
As I travel down this road there is no going back. I can’t just change my mind and say I want my old stomach back. I have to suck it up and do what I have to do make sure that I stay healthy and that I take all my vitamins.

On the road to a healthier me

Well my hubby read my blog about his concerns about my weight loss surgery and how it would affect our marriage.  He was a little embarrassed but the Big He-man said he was more than able to handle my weight loss and he don’t need any therapy group.   LOL Hilarious!!.

However because of our healthy eating style my husband lost 7 pounds in the last couple of weeks.  My daughter and son have also lost weight.  GOD is so GOOD!!

 I started the YMCA membership back up on Thursday and we will all start attending this week. I talked with the program coördinator about starting some classes up for water aerobics to help with my hips in the evening, but she was really concern about people not showing up. However she told about a new machine that she thinks will be really good for my hips some kind of skiing machine contraption.  I am looking really, really, really forward to seeing this machine.  NOT!! The fat girl is trembling yet again in her shoes but I love a challenge and I will challenge myself every day to go further and further every time I go to the gym.  I don’t like to set goals but I am going to set a  goal to attend the YMCA at least 3 days a week starting out and increase as my hips adjust.

I will have my last appt next Monday with my nutritionist and I am so excited.  Wednesday will also be my last therapy meeting.   I looking forward to the process moving along.  Hopefully I will not have to wait long for rest of the process.

I also have concerns about losing my hair, it is one of the side effect from having the RNY gastric bypass.   I am natural and it has taken me years to get to this length.  I do not want to lose any of my hair.  So I am thinking whether to get it dreaded or sister locks.  It I get either of these style I will not have to comb or manipulate my hair and hopefully this will prevent the hair loss.

I am on blood pressure pills Exforge and was really disappointed when I went to pick my medicine up and the cost was $181.00 without my insurance with my insurance it dropped down to 131.00.  The doctor then gave me a card which enable me to get them for $4.00.  No such luck the card for whatever reason did not work and it only brought them down to 81.00.  I contacted my doctor and had him to change my prescription.  I am not looking forward to picking them up tomorrow because of the previous problems.   In the last couple of weeks I have heard several people complaining about insurances not covering medicines that it would previously cover.  One have to wonder do it even matter if you got healthcare insurance anymore. Especially since I am cover by my insurance and my hubby also.  I will be so happy when I can throw all my medicines away for good.

Love, Peace and Happiness.