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Getting my life back on track


I have to get myself on track again. I slipped up and fell face first in a cheeseburger plate  last week.  I just happen be walking and all of sudden I slipped and fell on a cheeseburger plate.  When I push myself up the burger was in my mouth. LOL..if I can’t laugh at my mistakes something is really wrong.  I also did something really stupid Wednesday…. I ate a piece of seven favor pound cake, and two pieces of brownies and, and, (I know what else did this heifer eat) ice cream.  As soon as I finished eating I got a huge sugar rush and it was over and done.  I have never felt so bad in my life.  I have been sugar-free for at least three months.  I started sweating and feeling all dizzy like.   I couldn’t figure out what was going on, until I remember those succulent brownies covered in ice cream and the seven favor pound cake.  I will not venture down that road anytime soon for a long time.  I realize that SUGAR is not my friend.

 I am paying for a gym membership that I have only use a few times in the last couple of months.  I made a goal that I would attend the gym at least three times a week.  But of course I have not followed through with that goal.  I can say this much my daughter and son is using the membership.  I am trying to figure out when I can go……but I feel so bad.  I just feel so tired all the time and all I want to do is sleep.  I am taking a vitamin and hopefully that will help with the tiredness.   I am also going to start taking a B12 to try and boost my energy.

Update for progress on weight loss surgery. I met with my doctor this week and he explained what my next steps will be after the endoscopy pertaining that everything goes well with the procedure next Friday.  I will meet with the nurse and she will send for approval from my insurance.  If I all goes well I am hoping that I will be able to have the surgery at the end of March after my two-week liquid diet.

I am so ready for this to be over.  I am ready to get on the loser bench and get my health back on track.

Love, Peace and Happiness!!

Ms. Tracy

My path is not your path


I saw something really disturbing a couple of days ago on one of the groups I follow on the facebook about weight loss surgery.  One woman had recently had the surgery and was only about a week out.  She stated that she wants to end her life and the surgery was one of the biggest mistakes she had ever made and she was looking up possible reversal. Her post was so disturbing another woman who was schedule to have the surgery in a couple of days was also second guessing her surgery because of this post.  This is the type of stuff that scares the crap out me.  I am finally on the last leg of my journey and I am anxiously looking forward to having my surgery.  But when you read stuff like this.  It makes you stop and thinks is this the path I want to take.  Now I know we all have our own experiences with the surgery but it makes you think twice.   I have recently starting hearing a lot about the stages you go through with the weight loss surgery.  One of the stages is call the hibernation stage during this stage the body realizes that it is not going to receive its usual amount of calories.  Everybody on the page was telling the young woman that she was going through this stage.  They discussed how her body is falling back on its built-in evolutionary response to a low food supply the body just wants to rest and be as still as possible until the food returns. Energy levels drops through the floor, and you will become emotionally tearful or irritable.  They even discuss how your body is really pissed off at you because you have disrupted it usual food schedule.  It causes the person a lot of problems because they are recovering from the pain and now this.

Nonetheless I did have my last nutritionist appointment and she informed me that the Therapist sign off on my therapy session. I also lost 2 more pounds and now the only thing I am waiting on is for the doctors to meet and I will start the completing all the testing and finally get a surgery date.  I am nervous but excited at the same time. I do know that my path may not even be like the other woman and I am focusing on the positive benefits from the surgery. 

Then I got some more good news.  I am getting a promotion on my job.  So I am really happy because I only completed my Master Degree in May of 2012 and became a Counselor in November 2012. Things are really going really well even though I am having some medical problems.  Even in a storm you can still receive blessing and I am a true example of this. 


Love, Peace, and Happiness stay Blessed. 

Ms. Tracy

Conquring that beast called Fat.

I had an experience this week that rubbed me the wrong way.  An former coworker came to the office and he had lost a lot of weight, around 60 pounds.  He stated that he got more active by walking every day and just making more healthy food choices.  He was looking really good.

Now that is a good thing and I don’t have a problem with anybody losing weight. I don’t care how they do it. Just conquered that dang fat beast and kick his big butt! (Sorry I got lost for a minute in my pain)

Well I have an older coworker that has passed her 30 years expiration date at the office and she is still holding on torturing everybody in the office. This lady puts the H in horror.  She is constantly complaining about everything from her preacher at her church to her 43 year old son.  Nevertheless there is nothing we can do but patiently wait until she retires. She really hates her job but she stays for whatever reason…which I believe is just to torture the heck out of us. Now don’t get me wrong, oh girl is sharp as a whip and is in her mid 60s. But…we can’t only take so much.   When the old girl retires we are going to have a celebration after she is gone.

Well this coworker came into my office and was telling the guy that he did it the right way.  I step back and gently tap her on her shoulder and told her “You will not disrespect me whatsoever.  Weight loss is weight loss, I don’t care how you do as long as you are healthy. “She then said “but he did it the natural way.”  I then stated again “Weight loss, is weight loss however you can get it done.”

See this is the type mentality that I find so hard to stomach, especially when obesity is such a major problem here in the USA.

What I am assuming is that most people don’t really research weight loss surgery.  Because if they really did, they would know that the surgery is not just a cut in your stomach and boom all the weight is just going to fall off.  Now I know that I will continue to run into people who will have this type of negative mindset and try and change my mind.  But this is my decision, my body and my mind. I do believe that this is one of the reasons people are so private about the surgery. But not this chick, I will shout it to the world.  Do you want to know why, because it will help me to live to see another day, another week, another month and another year.