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Going in for a slam dunk!

Today is a new day for your girl.   I have worked on my motivation and my inspiration and I believe that I have found it.  I am just sick and tired of being sick and fat.  I do realize that this is what I needed to jump back on the wagon.  Sometimes we need a smack upside the head to realize that we need to get our stuff together.   My moment was something that is very personal and I would never ever put it out for World Wide Web to know.   Nobody is perfect and nonetheless when it hit me, I sat down and I really thought how I could fix this.   There is only one thing I can do and that is lose this weight.  I have to get myself back on track and work on these behaviors that keep on resurfacing.

I did really good today and kept my calories count around 1100 calories and proteins around 84 grams.  I got to work on my carbs they were around 140.   I am staying focus and monitoring every action… minute by minute.  This is the only way I can convert these behaviors and change them once and for all whether I have the surgery or not.  The goal is not about weight loss surgery anymore it is about losing weight and obtaining a healthy lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong I am still completing the process for surgery it’s just not my main focus anymore, weight loss is.

I have the basketball and it is in my court and I am going in for a slam dunk.

Love, Peace and Happiness!!

Ms. Tracy