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Playing the waiting game..


My current doctor decided to go ahead and submit me for my surgery approval anyway. I agree because I felt that United Healthcare should have caught this before we got this far. I mean we completed everything. Now we are playing a waiting game, waiting to see if they are going to approve the surgery. I do have a tentative date of April 22, 2014.   If everything is approved I will start my liquid diet next week. Saying my blessing and hoping for the best.

My daughter has lost over 20 pounds since she started actively attending the YMCA. She is dancing around and singing like a champ. The reason I am so proud of my daughter weight loss is because she and a group of childhood friends are all actively attending the YMCA at least 3 or 4 times a week. She has stop drinking soda and cut her bread intake down a lot. My son has also lost more weight and was recently told by one of his coaches that he was 90 percent muscle when they did his body mass. Now this has really made him happy and this boy/man is really flexing his muscle. My kids have even taken everything to another level and are completing who can lose the most weight between the two, who can bench more weights, etc. He also made the honor roll again straight As. He loves football and want to play college football at University of Florida and has the desire to go pro. But I know that is like a trying to find a needle in a haystack and I really encourage and promote grades above everything else.   His size does catch everyone eyes…he is 5’9 weight in his 200s and is strong as heck.  I love my two kids so much they are really making me so proud.

On another note: I am currently in the process of planning my family reunion for my father’s side of the family and I have to say it is the most stressful thing I have ever did. First of all people have really gotten tight with their money and do not want to spend any. Everybody wants things for free. They don’t want plan anything but they are quick to stalk me and ask about the reunion.   I really don’t mind planning it…but I would like for the people to at least come out the pocket for something.   One family members have really went out his way and paid the rent for building that we using for the reunion.   I would love to have the event cater but that out the question because these people wouldn’t’ come out the pocket for the building so I know that is not going to happen. My only suggestions were that every family member brings one meat, one starch, one vegetable and one dessert and two drinks. Everything has to be enough for a family of four. The main thing is to reconnect with family whom we haven’t seen in years.   The last time we had a reunion was 10 years ago.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to make this reunion a success.

Please, Love and Blessing

Mrs. Tracy


It’s a Family affair our journey to healthier lifestyle


I am celebrating to the moon and back.  My son who is 14 years old and is  5’9, has loss 6 pounds a week since he started working out with the JV team at the high school for the football team.   They have 17 football state titles under their belt.  So this is a really good program here in South Carolina and they take football really serious.  Nevertheless let get back to my son…he has lost 6 pounds for 3 weeks straight with a total lost of 18 pounds so far.  He just started spring training 3 weeks ago.  He is also eating really healthy and has cut out all fast foods and sweets.  He is my Hercules, I catch him flexing in the mirror all the time looking at his muscles as they form in his arms.  He has some belly fat and is working on his abs also.

My daughter who is 19 years old and is a sophomore in college has also embarked on our healthy quest.   She is actively attending the YMCA at least 3 to 4 days a week exercising and eating healthy.  She is working at Zaxby’s and has been for about 5 years.  She is eating a lot of grilled chicken and salads.  She is my she-hero.

Last but not least my husband has finally joined us all and is watching and monitoring everybody eating habits to make sure we are all successful.   He is usually the last one to join because he really loves to eat.  But he said he wants to lose weight and get healthy also.  He stands a lot on his job and knows that weight lost will help with his standing for 12 hours on his job

Now my next goal is to start working on Shelly the Belly and defining Bertha the Butt so it will look like Serena Williams the tennis star after my surgery.  Mrs. William is my favorite female athlete and I just love everything about her.   I recently told my husband that I want calf’s and butt just like her.   He laughs and told me he agrees with me saying “I would love for you to have Serena’s body makeup.”

Peace, Love and Happiness

Mrs. Tracy