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My journey, my life, my decisions


Well I got my letter in the mail about my approval for my surgery and was really excited.  Because this confirms I am having my surgery.  As you all know the surgery scheduler called me about the approval so I already knew.

My next step is to see the nutritionist  about starting the Optifast diet this Friday for four weeks.  I will start the diet this Saturday minus two hundred dollars in my pocket.  I am so really to get the ball moving.  The Optifast is suppose to help shrink your liver before the surgery,  because a enlarge liver can cause problem reaching your stomach during the surgery.  I have previously been diagnosed with fatty liver so this does  worry me some.

I will be allowed five Optifast 800 supplements and one food meal a day.  It will consist of protein such as chicken breast,  1 egg, fish, lean ham, turkey breast.  Vegetables non starchy, fruit such as Apple, oranges, kiwi, peaches, etc. Unlimited sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles, picked, cucumbers.  APPROXIMATELY 1200 calories per day. Woo!!! I will really savor that one meal.

It seems that when you get to this point everybody starts trying to give you advice.  For instance two ladies made sure they mention…. so and so died from that surgery. I mean really!! The last thing anybody wants to hear is the word death especially when you are getting ready to have the surgery.

Nevertheless as I have said on numerous occasion.  This is my journey!! As long as I trust and believe in my Lord and Savior, I know everything is going be alright.

Love, Peace and Happiness
Ms. Tracy

I have been approved and scheduled

stock-photo-insurance-coverage-approved-148181882I am excited, overjoyed, overwhelmed, happy and ready.  I got my called this evening that I have been APPROVED for surgery and my surgery date is July 15th!! 🙂
There will be a required 4 week diet among several other things.  I will follow up with before pictures and the rest of the process sometime this week.

Love, Peace and Blessings
Mrs. Tracy

Self-esteem and weight



It is so hard waiting to see if you’re going to be approved for surgery.  I mean really, I didn’t want to call the surgery scheduler and bug the crap out of her. But when you have gone through this process this long your patience wears thin.  Yesterday at the group meeting we discuss self-esteem.  On many occasions I have talked about my lack of self-esteem.  There have been things that happen to me in my past that  have caused me to questioned my self-worth.

My father passed away when I was only 9 years old.  This seems to really have taken a toll on my self-esteem. I can remember kids picking at my sisters and I because our Dad passed away.  Bullying was out of controlled back then in the 80’s and kids were really mean. Then there was this  thing with the light skin versus dark skin girls, good hair versus nappy hair.  You can guess who side I was on.

Even though I only weighed around 160 or less I thought I was fat. It has taken years to build my self-esteem up this much. Oh how I wished I could go back in time and whisper in my ear that “girl you are bad and stop worrying about your weight.”

I feel that surgery will greatly improved my whole outlook on myself and help with these poor self-esteem issues.

Peace, love and Happiness!
Mrs. Tracy

Choosing a new doctor and getting back on track.



Going to two weight loss bariatric clinics has given me a whole different view on bariatric surgery. While I really like Dr. One, I will say that Dr. Two is more through and seems to make sure that you are very informed about weight loss surgery.  Dr. One seems to have a smaller practice which I like more because you really get to build a better relationship with the staff and doctor. Doctor Two is a larger practice and every group meeting that I have attended has at 50 people or more.  I also feel that you are very limited on building a personal relationship with the staff and doctor because of the size of the practice.   However because I am a very talkative and I have the type of personality that is hard to forget we may be able to develop a relationship.

The main physician of the practice is also the administrator of the hospital where I will have the surgery and he is over several other practices in Greenville so I made sure I didn’t choose him.  He is just a little too busy, and I don’t want to be just another patient. I chose one of the other doctors who also have a good reputation, but I believe will be a better fit because I want him to remember me when he sees my name.

I hope I am finally on the road to success and will finally have my surgery, because this whole process has really messed with my emotions and motivation.  I am going to the gym more trying to get my body and mind right so if this does not work out this time.   I will do it on my own, because nevertheless the weight has to come off.   One thing I will not do is start to use the surgery as clutch as if  I can’t do it on my own.  I really don’t know if I can but I will do my best trying… the problems is I always fall short.  So it is really up to me. Pray for me.


Blessing, Peace and Happiness

Ms. Tracy

My set back will be a set up for my come back


One thing I have learned on this journey to have my weight loss surgery is to expect for it to be bumps in the road.  Sometimes these bumps can throw you off your path and make you just want to give up.   With that being said…I hit a major bump…this wasn’t just any kind of bump like the last one where I had to do 3 more session with the nutritionist.  

This bump requires that I change physician and hospital.  My spouse’s employer has their own requirements that have to be followed for the insurance.  First there are only a few hospitals and weight loss doctors in the network that have the Center of Excellence for United Healthcare.  My current doctor and hospital does have the Center of Excellence, just not the additional one with United Healthcare.  

Because of these requirements and even though my doctor is in my network; I will be required to travel an hour outside of my town for the new doctor.   The hospital where I will eventually have surgery is also located about 1 hour and 30 minutes away.   Because the surgery is an elective there is not a GAP exception. Can you say a smack in the face?  

Nevertheless I did talk to the new office surgery scheduler and as soon as I explained the reason for the change because of my spouse’s insurance she knew exactly what I was talking about.  The surgery scheduler has emailed me on several occasions and has given me all kind of information about their requirements.  The only other thing I will have to do is pay an extra hundred dollars and meet with the doctor, therapist and nutritionist once.  She informed me that the surgery will be in two more months. My appointment is coming up this week with the new doctor and I have a list of questions I will be asking him.  

What really pisses me off is that I called United Healthcare and asked all kind of questions and they never informed me about Center of Excellence for United Health care requirement. If I knew this I would have went to the correct doctor from the jumpstart. There is no reason to cry over spilled milk, because it is done and there is nothing I can do about it beside quit and not have the surgery which is not an option. 

Even though this is a setback I can pick myself up, brush myself off, and start again. I will not let this set back make me quit! My set back will be a set up for my come back! Therefore my come back will propel me toward my goal, which is to get my weight under control and healthy. 

On a good note I have lost an extra six pound this month.

Love Peace and Blessing

Mrs. Tracy

I am constantly learning, relearning and adjusting everyday.


A month ago I posted about Cognitive-Emotive Dissonance (see the link)  http://wp.me/p48Fm9-4k.  I believe that I have adapted to this behavior and I have determined that I have change behaviors.  I am continuously make good food choices without any problems.

When I go to the grocery store I know what to buy to keep up good eating habits to make sure that I support  healthy eating. It is really easy to eat unhealthy food, but I am doing my best to stay focus.  My 14 years old son, is also peeping over my shoulder all the time, because he wants to lose weight to pick up his speed for his football.   So this also helps with staying motivated.

My biggest issue is when the hubby and I go out eat.  I always have a hard time picking healthy choices.   I have this thing where I want to eat something good because I am paying for it. This is where cognitive-emotive dissonance comes into play when eating out.  This is behavior that I will have to really work on, it is in my opinion that it is really easy to control these behaviors at home.  But when you are dining out it is really hard to stay on track.  Those temptations fly out the window and that previous behavior surfaces again.   One thing I have learned on this road is that everything is not easy.  Because food is my temptation, I have come ready to fight and win.

I recently ran across several posts about weight loss.  Some inspirations, some not, and one such site seemed to view obesity differently.  It stated that if we wants to stay overweight why should non-fat people worry about it.    Now while I agree with the author about how we are viewed, I did not agree with the posts about the weight loss and why doctors, nutritionists or whomever should stop encouraging overweight people to lose weight and aim for healthy weight. Nevertheless I have to disagree because if I had listen to my doctor about my eating habits and my weight.  I would not be in the sh
ape I am in now.  I guess one reason I also disagree with the posts is because I am one of those people now.  I have talked to my kids and use myself as example to explained why they need to eat healthy and exercise.  I believe that if I would have listen it would have help me to stay healthy and I would not have all these medical problems that I am having now.  It is in my opinion that we have to open our eyes and realize that being overweight is not good and we are causing ourselves great harm by not focusing on healthy eating habits.

Peace, Love and Happiness!!
Ms. Tracy