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My little fat tree trunks

Good Morning beautiful people!! I got something to share…that’s funny but really relative to learning to love yourself after weight loss surgery.  As you all know I am a self proclaimed fashionista.. I love to shop and I may be just a tiny bit addicted to shopping for the new improved Tracy.  My new focus is Lane Bryant and Catherine’s stores wide shoes.  Everytime they add some new shoes my big butt be on it.  Trying new high heels and crap like I am a pro.  Well they posted these new bad boys on their site and I had to get them.


Now I know some of you are old high heel steppers are looking  at these bad boys and are saying “look at that little heel.”   Well this heel is 4.75, which is really high for me.  With that being said ….I hate the fact that Lane Bryant don’t sell their shoes in their  store anymore and you have to order online.  Because for me….shoes are one thing that I need to try on and walk in before I purchase.  I got to make sure they don’t rub the corn and if my little fat feet can get them on.

  Nevertheless when I finally  received my order I put the box in the trunk of my car and forgot about it until I got to work the next day.  Well as soon as I got to the office I pull those bad boys out to try them on in my office. Now here comes the real test which I failed.   First problem was I couldn’t buckle the shoe on the side because my tree trunks had swollen up again.  Second problem was because my tree trunks was swollen the middle strap across the top of the shoe buckle up…. Like it was fighting my fat.  Here a picture to see for yourself.Now here is the funny thing…I couldn’t walk in these bad boys…I wobble, doing the lean to the side walk and holding on to everything. My coworkers was crying laughing at me.  I kept trying to push my knee back so I could stand up straight and the knees kept buckling.  I couldn’t do my sexy chocolate walk at all.  I almost fell several times so I just threw my hands up in defeat because the dang shoes won. I thought wedges was the easiest type of high heels shoe you can wear.  Boy was I wrong and I was taking them back to get a refund.  With that being said… Some shoes and some clothing is not designed for everybody.  I personally can’t wear what everybody else wears.   Now that’s my opinion about myself, so don’t take it personally…. DO YOU BOO!  But me on the other hand I have  several friends that will say to me real quick….”No, Tracy that’s not working take that back to the store.”  like these shoes and I listen. 

Love, peace and Happiness!


Ps.  Lane Bryant or Catherine’s are not paying me to say this.

The best is yet to come!


Well it has been a while since I posted and it because I was so busy with my 9th grader and his football practices and games.
I am happy to report that your girl weighs 241 pounds.  Can I get a hallelujah!!   I am still struggling with food that Shelly the belly don’t like.  I have came to realize if it is not ground beef or ground turkey she will not like it.  I can eat a lot of vegetables, but corn on the cob is not my friend.
I have taken to cooking large pots of vegetable soup with ground  beef or ground Turkey.  I then freeze it in the freezer and eat it later.  I can also handle lean hamburger patty with  A-1 sauce pour across it.  I eat Wendy’s chili at least three days a week.  I can also eat Mexican beef burrito and taco salad as long as it has ground beef.  I can make  two meals out of anyone of those food items.


I have a appointment coming up for my 3 month check up and I am looking forward to my test result.  This will let me know if I getting enough vitamins.

I have also noticed that because of the weight loss a lot of people treated you different even though you are the same person inside.  I explained to each one of these individuals that I am still the same person….I am just a improve version.  Nevertheless I am really excited about the new me that is emerging.  My best is yet to come.


Love, Peace and Happiness!
Mrs. Tracy

Bringing the new me out


I was asked by some of my follwers about a updated body picture and what was I eating everyday.   Here is the picture showing my weight loss.  Most of you will remember this older picture from December 2013 when I won the ugly sweater contest at my office.
I was weighing 325 to 330 pounds.  The current picture is 80 pounds lighter. I know I know. I got to get some smaller clothes.

I am glad to say I am learning ladies and gents!! Your girl is getting her proteins in.  I eat one protein bar daily however this one tastes likes pure cardboard but nevertheless I am eating it.


I found this bad boys at Dollar General store for $2.00.  They have 10 grams of proteins.  I did find some at Wal-Mart that taste a whole lot better by Nature Valley.  I also love Yoplait Greek 100 yogurt and eat at least one daily. I be at the store looking for new flavors everyday.  I like to add the granola to give me more protein. I also still drink my protein shakes with skim milk.  This  averages up to 33 grams of protein in that one drink. 


I can also eat chili from Wendy’s without any flowing back up.  That chili makes two meals for me.

Example of my meal intake for one day.
1 scoop of Pure protein powder 25 grams of proteins.
1 cup of skim milk 8 grams of protein
1 Greek Yoplait yogurt 12 grams of proteins.
1/4 of granola in my yogurt 5 grams of proteins.
1/2 cup of Wendy chili (large cup)12.50 grams of proteins.
1 protein bar 10 grams of proteins.
1 cup of unsweetened apple sauce
1/2 of Wendy’s chili 12.50 grams of proteins.
85 grams of proteins in one day. If I get hungry or need a snack I usually eat another yogurt.

Love, Peace and Happiness!!
Ms. Tracy