Reflection is the best tool


Good morning beautiful people! Let’s take a look at reflection and how it affects your weight loss. Now before I start please let me state that these are my own personal views and opinions and not rules that you have to follow. They are my beliefs.

Reflection is define as a thought, idea, or opinion formed or a remark made as a result of meditation.

Reflection is really important when someone who is overweight and is unhappy with their weight because of medical, physical or low self esteem reasons. Because it helps them to redirect and figure out how to lose weight or get their weight under control. Reflection helps you to be able to be aware of what you put in your mouth and monitor your eating habits. I also believe that reflection helps promotes guilt which can help you resist eating foods that can and will cause weight gain. I mean who wants to have a future that will include diabetes, Gerd, orthopedics and heat disease. One of the best tools to help me with weight loss is my reflection in the mirror.

Using reflection as a tool can help break negative cycles that have caused you to gain weight in the first place. It can also help you to look at your personal beliefs about yourself, and question these behaviors and start the process of becoming a better you. Personally reflection has helped me to be aware of my own shortcoming and motivated me more than anything when it comes to my weight loss and personal growth as a person. I can’t imagine not be able to looks at my flaws and figure out what I am doing wrong to improve and be a better person.

Love, Peace and Happiness!

Be blessed


It’s my birthday!!

Good morning beautiful people!! Today is your girl’s birthday.  I got so much to celebrate because he woke me up one more day to celebrate another year with family and friends.  

You know the closer I get to 50 years old the more I start to revaulation my life.  I am seeking so much more such as peace, stability and love.  I am at the age were I am refusing to accept anything more.  I mean my golden years are only a couple years away.  I want to remain  healthy and live a long meaningful life.  I want to continue to focus on my relationship with GOD and be a better mother, wife and friend.  My family, weight and career always come after that.  

Things don’t always go the way I want it to but I do my best to keep moving forward.   My career is something that I want to grow and I love blogging but have never thought of this as more than hobby.  

I want to continue growing and moving forward in my life and be able to look back see my growth in five years, like I am able to do now.  I love that I accomplished some really great goals such as having my undergrad and graduation degree and I am working as a counselor.  I just want to continue to grow and prosper more.  This is my hope for my birthday today.

Peace, love and happiness beautiful people!!

Birthday girl,


Accepting the new me..142 pounds weight loss


Hello beautiful people! I want to talk about something that I had to deal with during this weight loss.  One of my major issues in my life has been my self esteem.

Now what I am about to say is my own personal experiences and opinions. In our culture the light skin versus the dark skin……or the good hair versus the nappy hair was really prevalence.  Now you have to remember I was teenager during the 80’s when the movie by “School Daze”, by Spike Lee came out. I was really able to relate to this movie, because I always felt like the dark skinned girl with the short coarse hair.  I can remember being called fat, ugly and bald by other kids even some family members at times.  A family member can break your self esteem worse than anything.  Because this is someone you love. Because of my insecurity I believe that without a shadow of doubt this affected me for years and my self esteem suffered severely.   It seemed that self esteem has always been a major problem with me.  I have discussed this in previous  posts.  However I never explained how it really affected me.  Now fast forward to 20 years later and weighing in at 340 pounds.  Can you see how my self esteem had gotten worse? It took for me to start losing weight to finally see that God don’t make mistakes and that I am beautiful inside and out.  There are still times that I will still look in the mirror and see Cecily from The Color Purple. However it is has greatly improved with time. Especially with all the good attention my weight loss attracts now.

One thing I found surprising was men have self esteem issues also.  I have a friend who is a guy and he discussed self esteem issues because he was the darkest one in his family and did not have lighter eyes or skin like his siblings. He really was hurt by this.  Which seen surprising because you don’t usually see this in men. But self esteem issues do not discriminate.

I realize that weight loss does increases one’s self esteem and make someone feel like a new person.  We have to realize that we were beautiful when we were overweight we just never accepted it.  Society has made us think that darker and heavier individuals feel like we not pretty and are ugly.  But we have to remember that God don’t make any mistakes whether we are big, small, dark, skinny, tall, light, white, bright.  Whatever you feel like is your shortcoming. Just know that you are beautiful however you look and God don’t make any mistakes.

The journey back to me


It has been a really exciting and depressing couple of months.  My exciting times comes from learning what all my body can do with this weight loss.  142 lost to be exact and I can wear some sizes 12. Being able to buy all kinds of pretty clothes will make any woman happy. I especially love Ashley Stewart and Cato’s stores.   However I have been at a stand still for about a month now weighing at 200.  I can walk a lot and jog a little without getting winded.  I am more flexible even though I will still have to have my hip replacement.  The only problem I am currently having is leg cramps that will wake you up and make you scream your freaking head off.   These cramps are so severe that I have since been placed on potassium pills and my blood pressure and fluid pills will have to be  changed.  Because my potassium levels were so really low.
My other areas where I am depressed and stressed had to a lot to do with my eyes opening and realizing that there are people who will have to be removed from my life.  I believe when I was heavier I took and accepted anything that happened to me.  I was unhappy at times but I just took it and went along with it because I was comfortable in a uncomfortable situation.  Now it is like my cup is full and I can’t take it anymore.  All I am requesting is peace and solitude.  I have always placed everyone else above me and now I want to put me first.  I am able to look back in the past and wondered how in the heck I endured so much.  However I know it was God who was carrying me every step of the way.
One thing I want to say before I close  out this post. If we put ourselves first and make sure that we love ourselves…… a lot of headaches can be avoided later on down the road. Remember God has to be in the center of everything you do.

8 month checkup and life thereafter

image I recently went to my 8th month checkup.  It was suppose to be my 6th but the snow threw a wrench in my doctor appointments and they got shuffled around. Nevertheless one of the worse things that anybody want to hear when you are at a doctor office is…”The other doctors and I have some concerns, after looking over your blood results, we are concerned about your potassium levels. ”  To make a long story short my potassium levels were low and I had to start taking potassium pills.  They also told me I was anemic.  Now thing about being labeled anemic is I had a hysterectomy about 10 years ago and only have my ovaries.  However my family doctor explained it to me that low iron could be the cause so therefore I am also taking iron pills.  One very important thing that I have learned is that theses appointments are very important so you can stay on top of anything that may be happening to your body because of the serious surgery. These are things that can negatively affect my weight loss in the future. So it is not like I am neglecting my blog, I just have a lot going on right now.  Keep me in your prayers and thoughts as I navigate through this tiring time. Love, Peace and Happiness everyone!! Mrs. TRACY