Your classes are your best tools.

Good morning Ladies and Gents! I wanted to do a update about my progress and losing the weight I have regained. But first let me mention that my blog was nominated as one of the Top Bariatric Surgery blogs!!! Can I get a hand clap!! Yes go Tracy!! Even though I feel like I really need to be more consistent with my blogging. This gives me the motivation to better!!

Tracy’s journey after Gastric Bypass Surgery which was selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 50 Bariatric Surgery Blogs on the web. atric_surgery_blogs/

Well so far I have lost about 5 of the pounds I gained. That’s a start and I am gradually working my way back. You know we can sit down and write what all we are going to do and have it all planned out but when a box of donuts roll by and you will forget your whole plan if you don’t have any willpower. I realize now why the nutrionist kept repeating and instructing us to not reintroduce thosre foods we love back into our systems. Because this could be the catalyst that restart weight gain. But when you taking classes to prepare for your surgery. That stuff just don’t stick until you are here were I am at right now. Exercising is so important and you have to do it. I don’t care if you are just sitting in a chair doing it. Just do it.

So I am encouraging anybody that is considering these surgery to pay attention in the classes and listen to what your nutritionist and doctors are teaching you. Because they are the experts and they really know more than we will ever know about this process.

Love peace and happiness! Have a blessed Christmas!

Blessing from Tracy

7 thoughts on “Your classes are your best tools.

  1. Amen!!! I sometimes look back through my packet of instructions I was given at those classes and am surprised at what I’ve forgotten or misremembered. You know what I think WLCs should have? An annual refresher class for post op peeps to just review all that stuff! It’s a lot to take in on the front end and not enough follow up afterwards!

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      • Dang! That’s nice. I wish mine did that. They offer monthly “support groups”, one if which meets about 10 mins from my house. The surgery center requires anyone interested in surgery to attend meetings leading up to surgery (which is great!) but 99% of the meeting is used to answer the same 5 or 6 questions over and over again. No support (for me or the other post op’ers) happening!

        I should start a second meeting for post op only where we do our own support!

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