On a mission to get back on track.

Good morning person! I got some bad news this morning. I step on the scale this bitch had moved up 13 pounds. My knees gave out on me and I fell to the floor. I was so devastated and distraught that I passed out for a few moments.

Now let’s stop right here. Let’s marinated on this for a few minutes. Let’s think about what got me here. First of all I ran out of my protein and didn’t drink them for about 2 or 3 weeks. I endudge in some buffet meals, Thanksgiving, not exercising, stayed started drinking soda. The list go on, and on. My first sign that something was amissed was when I put on a pair of pants that was loose before but was now tight as hell!! I couldn’t even sit in the bad boys. 🤔 I knew I was going have to weight Myself the next morning.

Now here thing…..I am very aware how 10 pounds can turn into 10 more pounds and another 10 pounds. So I am on a mission to get back on course. Most people would just give up and not be able to regroup. But not me. I refuse to get caught up in my daily life duties and neglect my weight. Shoot I like looking sexy in my clothes and being able to stop traffic. 😉. Lol…but for real. I can’t go back to were I came from. I am on a mission to get back on track. Heck no it is not easy but it can be done. Keep me in your prayers as I regain my focus and drop these last 30 pounds that I have been trying to lose since I started this journey.

Love, peace and happiness!


6 thoughts on “On a mission to get back on track.

    • I love walking outside but it is so cold right now. So I am going to hit my treadmill here at the house. Plus I am going to stop giving a monthly donation to the ymca and start back going. Thanks for the motivation

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    I mean, the hardest part is already done, right? You noticed something was amiss and you got on the scale and you faced it. That is hard and you did it.

    Now you just need a plan! I follow the blog put out by “Bariatric Eating/Inspire Protein” and they are all the time talking about their “Back on Track” plan and the success that long-term maintainers have with it after a regain. They, of course, want you to buy their protein powder, but I feel like you could use whatever protein you want and be a-ok. Essentially it’s:
    4 protein shakes, spaced evenly throughout the day
    A healthy dinner (no bread or high carb stuff)
    Exercise at least once a day, 20-30 mins

    I actually followed that on Wednesday after my very frustrating morning with the scale and the “screw it” attitude that was hanging over me that day. It helped me focus and not eat my feelings!

    The link to all the details and facebook group and all that is:

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