Its a struggle being consistent 


Good afternoon beautiful people!  I just wanted to blog about trying to lose weight and being at a standstill for a long period.  I really want to drop about 30 pounds and it seems that I am fighting like heck just to lose 5 pounds.  Now let’s be real.  Consistently is a must.  I must be consistent and exercise  on a regular basis.  I must be consistent about eating healthy food.  I must be consistent and get my water intake in.  There are so many more things I got to do better about.  I am very alert and aware of my weight which causes me and my scale to have this love and hate relationship.  I am constantly stepping on him just to see what he say.  (Yes my scale is a he.)  Because only a man can give you various information that’s bad majority of the time.  Lol


I personally know that I am always looking in the mirror and I see every imperfections and every flaw on my body.  Every woman does this no matter how pretty she is.  There will always be an area that you wants fixed.  For me it is my weight. I want to lose more pounds because I am so scared of going back to fat Tracy.   I sometimes look in the mirror and all I can see is that 340 pound woman.  That vision scares the living hell out of me.   I used this as a guide to ensure that I don’t get back there.


Nevertheless I always start planning my next day the day before.  I have everything all planned out in my head and never do ALL the things I have planned to do and usually it is the stuff that deals with eating and exercise.  If I did everything that I planned in my head I would weigh around 140 pounds.  I just got to get more consistent period. I know if I could lose a few pounds each week this would motivate me to be more consistent.  But I am just like most people I want thing to be easy and that not the case.  Even though I had the gastric bypass surgery it is still hard to keep this weight off and keep losing. Then here is the kicker when I finally meet my goals…I will start complaining about something else.  However that is not the point right now.  The point right now is being consistent as I keep saying in this post.

Another thing that bother me is when I go out to eat with family members.  I rarely eat more than 1/4 of my food.  However that don’t stop those vultures from watching and waiting for me to finish so they can swallow the rest of my food whole.  I don’t know why I let this upsets me but it does and it causes me to overeat because I know they are going to eat my leftovers.  I am working on this really hard because this type of gluttony can cause overeating which stretch Shelly the belly.  Help me LORD, because this should be my last worry. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I fight this battle that is continuous and never-ending.

I do got news to post about my tests I had this week and a couple of weeks ago.  I will post a blog about my results from the supposedly X-ray of my colon.  Please note I say supposedly….until later guys and gals!

Love, Peace and Happiness





5 thoughts on “Its a struggle being consistent 

  1. I am cracking up: “Yes my scale is a he. Because only a man can give you various information that’s bad majority of the time. ” HAHAHA YES!!!!! SO true. 🙂

    I know what you mean about eating out with people and having them watch what you eat, either so they can get leftovers or because they want to see what you’re eating. My husband and I went out last weekend for lunch to a korean place and I got grilled veggies with an egg on top (its SO good) and he actually said to me: “Wow, you put a hurtin’ on that! I thought I was going to get some leftovers!” I was like whaaaaaattt?! You’re watching how much I’m eating because you want what I don’t eat?!?! LOL

    I know what you mean too about wanting to lose more weight vs doing everything that is 100% necessary and required to lose that weight. I’ve wanted to lose about 15 pounds since JANUARY but I have not and my actions tell the truth – I want to run and workout and eat snacks and not worry about how much I’m eating because the working out counter balances it MORE than I want to lose weight. If I wanted to lose weight I’d have to workout and watch what I eat! I’m just not doing both of those consistently. It’s that simple, like you said!

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  2. Omg too funny! And so easy to relate with your post! It’s all so true and real! I feel like I’m constantly judged by people that know I have had surgery… “God, is she gonna eat that… holy crap she just ate 3 french fries, didn’t she learn her lesson”… I hate eating in front of people more now than I did when I was heavier! Dang people anyway! Own it and go on!

    I look forward to reading more of your posts! If you would like to follow my journey please do so and we can swap stories…

    my blog is

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