Future jogger right here!

Good morning beautiful people!  As we know I have been really active about my weight loss.  I want to reach my weight goal which means I got to get really proactive about my weight loss.  I have always wanted to jog but was unsure that I can do it.  Well yesterday i decide to walk around my neighborhood and use the Map me walk  app. 

 I started off at a good pace with my headphones on and my stick to beat off any creatures that venture to close to me.  One thing about my neighborhood is that it has a lot of hills and this caused me to burn more calories and energy.  I did really well and did not get tired at all… Just sweaty.  I walked about a mile and half and burn around 240 calories.  I am planning on walking again everyday and I am going to try a longer distance because I want to burn around 500 calories each time.   

The while point of this post is that I didn’t think I would be able to jog.   But after starting my walking regime outside…. I think I may be a jogger in the near future.  

Peace, love and Happiness

Tracy Be Blessed!


2 thoughts on “Future jogger right here!

  1. running can be really hard on the body. i used to run. i had to switch to hill hiking to get equivalent work-out. but i still wasnt enjoying the high that running can give unless i had *two hrs minimum* of time to spare nearly every day. so i began to power walk up and down the hills and wow, results! it is all the work-out of running w/o banging your joints and organs on the pavement. full body work-out, cardio. i do 5k in about 40 minutes of vertical ‘hell’ and finish feeling amazing. 😀 and i have no after-pain so the rest of my life isn’t effected. take your time; don’t rush *your* process and cheers to walking!

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    • Thanks for that information because I did have a hip replacement this year and was wondering about that. However I still wanted to try it. I am power walking and I am amazed at how many calories I burn each time.

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