College choices HBCU or not?

Good afternoon beautiful people. My 18 years old son just celebrated his birthday last week and I am so happy for my young man.  He is growing up and about to leave my home after he graduates next year.  We are in the process of visiting colleges to determine where he will further his educational goals.  He is planning on majoring in Computer engineering.  (My baby is smart y’all, spoiled but smart)  With that being said everybody don’t offer this major.  So we are limited at which schools he can attended.  Plus he refused to take his second year of Spanish because he struggle so hard in it last year and don’t want to drop his grade point average for his last year.  We have chosen three colleges that offers the program and are focusing on campus visits and don’t required the two years of foreign language.   However My son has expressed a lot of interests in Clalfin university locate in Orangeburg, SC.  We are planning a visit soon.

Here is my dilemma… Claflin is a HBCU (Historical Black College University) and has a good stem program that focuses on jobs in this field.   The college ranking is not the issue…. Its the lack of support from other African Americans.  As soon as we mention him applying at Claflin or North Carolina A&T University there is the look of disgust on everyone face.   I don’t understand why people are so negative about attending  any HSBU now a days.  When I was in high school the show “Different World” made me want to attend a HSBU and I did.  I attended Livingstone college in Salisbury NC and didn’t return because I met my husband.  I have always supported my college and still do to this day.  I feel that things could change for the HSBU if the president did something to change the negative image that is being portrayed about the HBCU. But what makes me mad is when the CIAA tournament is held  here in Charlotte, NC the turnout are always huge.  Those same people be ready to attend the things planned that weekend.

One thing that I can say is kids in my son’s age group,  are changing and the kids are looking at the HBCU and the enrollments are increasing for a lot of the HBCU colleges. But that ages group that is around the 30s and  late 30 are not supported of the HBCU here in South Carolina… At least the ones I have encountered.   They talk very negative and don’t have anything good to say about the schools.

The good thing about this is my son and a lot of his friends loves the idea of attending an HBCU getting to experience everything they have to offer on the campus.  I myself have always wanted to work at one of the campus.  Because I had such a great experience when I attended Livingstone college back in the early 90s.  Nevertheless my son is looking forward to his upcoming campus visit to Claflin University!

Love, peace and happiness!!



2 thoughts on “College choices HBCU or not?

  1. Honestly, the issue with going to an HBCU goes far beyond any surface level belief that they’re somehow handing out fishy education. The REAL issue is deeper beyond that. The experience can be great, provided it can be afforded, and that you have plenty patience. A lot of students have to leave HBCUs for state schools because they were drowning in debt and unable to zero out their balances each semester. (People can debate why this is so, but the fact of the matter is that it’s happening and why it’s happening matters a bit less for thinking considering why you want to take the chance). I am currently attending an HBCU for my Doctoral studies and some of the challenges I have faced and undergraduate students have faced is unnecessary. Overall, I’m saying do all the research possible. Because all that glitters isn’t gold. And unfortunately some HBCUs are NOT giving out that “A Different World” experience like they may have at one time.

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    • Oh that is really true. Even though I didn’t complete my Undergrad or Master degree at an HBCU. I still experience this at the predominantly white colleges that I did graduate from. I owe so much money in student loans that you world start coughing, if I told you the amount. But what beats that is my current employer helped with tuition assistance. Now as for the “A Different World” experience…. My experience wasn’t like the show but the show motivated me to choose a HBCU and what I did experience was the best time in my young life. Now don’t get me wrong the one I attended was high as crap even back in the 90s.

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