Magic wand that makes your fat melt away


Good afternoon beautiful people!  I have been thinking about this writing this post for a few days and I finally got around to doing it.

I  got to start this blog off by saying this ……Weight loss surgery is not a cure all!  Let me say this one more time for those who are considering having this surgery.  There is no such things as waving a magic wand and all your fat just melt away for eternity. Weight loss surgery is not a cure all!

Now I know you are looking at this post and wondering why I am saying this and I am going to tell you why.  I have had several people who had this surgery and afterwards tell me…. they hate they did it.  They go on complaining about how their stomach hurts when they start trying to eat food that they were told not to eat.  Why is my stomach still big and why can’t I look like you?  Why is the scale not moving?  One friend even told me she hates protein shakes…and can’t stand to drink any.  But then she went on to tell me that her legs gave out on.  Here the thang….yes I said thang….. if you can’t do proteins shakes you better find something else to get those proteins in!  Shoot they have all kinds of other liquids with protein added.  You need that protein for those muscle… As for my friend……You know what I got to say about all of this…. WELCOME TO THE FREAKING CLUB you thought it was going to be easy.  WRONG.

This surgery is a life changing surgery that helps you reach your desired weight goal if you do what your doctor and nutritionist teaches you to do.  Yea, yea, you will lose weight…but I bet you a dollar after the weight has plateau around your 3rd year…that fat will return.  Here is thing … is everywhere and you are constantly seeing it and it always knocking at your door saying …”Tracy come and take a bite of this rich thick piece of chocolate brownie…it won’t hurt.”  (blank stare)  Yes, it will because you will go back numerous times just to bite that bad boy!  After surgery, you got to change your daily eating habits for weight loss to happen. Sometimes you even have to separate from friends or family members who tempts you to overeat.  Shoot I found myself on numerous occasions overeating just because I knew my son was watching my plate so he could eat my leftovers.  Oh man, lunch at work was really bad.  When I go out to eat…I can only take a few bites so I am always getting a takeout box to take my remains back to my office and guess what I do.  I nibble on that left over food all day.  Heck I don’t be hungry…I just eat it because it is there.  How I stopped this bad habit, required that I start bringing my lunch to the office. That way I controlled my eating better. If I do go to lunch I put my plate in fridge at the office and don’t get it out until I go home and I make sure it is a healthy meal.


Please understand I am not being a know it all.  I am just tired of the bull crap about how I took the easy route. Shoot all I did was take a short cut that lead me right back to the main highway and I still got to do what everybody else has to do.  Watch what I eat and exercise to keep the weight off.   If anything this journey is harder because when you over eat it causes pain and everything you have to go through to have the surgery.  Please let’s not forget all of the medicine that you are required to take for the rest of you life.  This is not the easily road…this is the hardest road with so many curve balls it is ridiculous.

Love, Peace and Happiness




8 thoughts on “Magic wand that makes your fat melt away

  1. Yessss!! You are SO right.

    The other night I was filling my 2 week pill sorter with my crap load of vitamins and supplements and it hit me: “omg, I’m going to LITERALLY have to do this every day of the entire rest of my LIFE.” I said as much to my husband who was like ‘yep – that was the deal you made. Vitamins + clean diet + exercise = look and feel amazing’.

    I KNOW that, but it’s funny how sometimes it just hits you like that. It’s a day-in-day-out surgery not a once and never think about it again surgery.

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    • You got that right… Then the newbie keep saying I am not losing weight fast enough… And I am saying learn to eat right and exercise … Make it a habit. Pop your vitamins and med everyday… Make it a habit.

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      • YEP! Though to be honest, as soon as I started noticeably losing weight everyone I knew – even non-surgery folks – wanted to tell me about their diets and how they weren’t losing weight and couldn’t figure out why ….. then I’d see them eating their oreos and fried chicken sandwiches and drinking Dr. Pepper and I’d be saying the same thing: You’ve got to eat right!! My sister-in-law is still asking me how to do it while posting pics on instagram of her donuts and cupcakes and pizza. LOL!

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  2. Also, amen on the need to drink some protein. I try every shake I come across! It’s kind of fun & exciting. Checking out GNCs and health food store’s protein aisles is the best kind of shopping!!

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