The battle has just begin!


Good morning beautiful people!  I am having a major hissy fit.  I have gain 10 pounds back and I am about to have a physical heart attack.  I want to say I don’t know how this happen however I do.  I have started sliding in fatty foods like potatoes chips, candy bars and popcorn.  To say my life has been thrown for a loop is an understatement.  I am about to pass out. I know most people will say 10 pounds is nothing and I can get back on track.  However I know how easily 10 pounds can lead to 10 more pounds and 10 more pounds can lead to another 10 pounds. Before you know I will be weighing around 250.  Heck to no and I am stopping this crap right now.  Somebody just walk in my office with a box of FRESH KRISTY KREME donut and I ran the other way while wiping drool from my mouth. However I am not stupid and this is not a laughing matter.   I also feel like my personal life which is in turmoil affected my eating habits because I cook and eat when I am stressed.  This is not a good habit to have. So I have resort to buying all kinds of fruits like Cuties, strawberries, watermelon…..Healthy snacks.

I am back in the gym and I am pushing my butt hard. My orthopedic doctor said I could resume  all exercise and I am planning on starting to jog.  Right now I am getting myself ready by using a machine that resemblance jogging. My hip do ting somewhat but that is to be expected.  I am being mindful not to overdue it because I don’t want to relocated that new hip.

I was talking with my sister who had the RNY gastric bypass about 10 years ago and we was discussing protein intake.  She told me that I was drinking to much protein at one time and my body is not able to absorb it.  I do:

  • 1 cup of 2% milk 8 grams of proteins 122 calories, 12 carbs
  • 2 scoops of Banana protein powder from Isopure Carb free.  It has 210 calories and 50gms of proteins in two scoops
  • 1 protein load yogurt usual banana flavor. ( I love banana and strawberry flavor food)  It has 0 fat, 0 added sugar*, and 0 artificial sweeteners – plus 15g of protein per 5.3 oz.  However it has 120 calories, 14 carbs

This all equal out to 450 calories, 73 grams of protein, 26 carbs.  This is usually my morning meal every day.  However on the weekend I get lax and may not do a protein shake.  Well this will change also because I will make sure I do a protein shake everyday.  Now back to the problem at hand.  I have call my nutrition at my Gastric bypass doctor to get clarity. However, my sister said I got to cut my protein in the morning to around 40 grams of proteins otherwise I don’t absorb it.  Here is my problem I must have miss that class or I was sleepy and did not hear it.  I really need to know the answer because if that is the case I got to change that morning protein drink real quick.  Another thing is that I got to start doing a shake at night also to make sure I have gotten my protein intake. I never do one at night because I usually get my protein throughout the day with my lunch and dinner meal.  Even though I am about 3 years out coming up in July.  I still do not know everything and I know I am at the point were I can start regaining weight.

That is not going to happen and I am getting my vessel back on track. I am going to YMCA everyday this week and burning major calories.  I had gotten slack and was only going once every couple of week.  That not the case now.  Plus I have never reached my goal weight which is 175 pounds and now I am ready to do it.  I have also called my nutritionist and is waiting for a call from her. I am going to start going to the classes that they offer for patients who have had the surgery to help them maintain and stay on the healthy track.

If anybody have any suggestions or comments please give them I need to get this battleship back in the war.  I had forgotten that this battle wasn’t over.  It was only getting started.  The weight loss surgery is a tool that I got to use to manage and control and get to the desired weight that I want.

Thanks Everybody and have a beautiful day.  Keep me and my struggle in your mind when you whisper a prayer tonight.

Peace, Love and Happiness



6 thoughts on “The battle has just begin!

  1. It’s true – it’s so easy to sneak a bit of this, or a bite of that. Before you know it, all the hard work that you’ve put in over the past few years is gone. I’m glad that you recognized it and nipped it in the bud.

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  2. I know what you mean abt 10 becoming 10 more pounds, and then 10 more pounds and so on until you’re back up to your starting weight. I think you’re doing the right thing by stopping it now.

    I’d love to hear what your nutritionist says about protein. I’ve read, too, that about 25-30g is all our stomachs can absorb at any one time so you may need to break up your breakfast into 2-3 smaller meals spaced a couple of hours apart. I’m just over a year out and at my 1 year follow up appt the nutritionist gave me a sheet with maintenance tips. Maybe yours has something similar? Or I can post what I have, if not. It was mostly things like: exercise every single day, protein first, don’t get lazy abt not drinking close to or during meals, stay hydrated, take your supplements, etc.

    Keep us posted! I, too, am realizing that losing the weight was step 1 but the real work happens in step 2: keeping it off.

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    • Hey Michelle! Yes I did talk with her yesterday and she said that all we could handle in one drink was around 40 grams of protein. She said exactly what you said I need to break it up and drink the other half later or only use one scoop of protein and leave the Greek yogurt out. She also said I need to cut my coffee down to only one cup because coffee make you hungry and it is a diuretic. Even though I about 3 years out I am still learning. I am going to post a blog later today or tomorrow about what I am doing to get back on track.

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      • Reading that reminded me that my nutritionist said the same thing about coffee. I knew it could be a diuretic but was surprised when she told me it increased appetite! I didn’t know that before!

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  3. I know. That’s thing. I can’t remember everything that we are taught in the classes before surgery. I am having to do a refresher just to stay updated. This will help keep me on track.


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