Archive | August 5, 2015

Shopping after Gastric bypass surgery!

One of all time favored thing to do is dress up.  I love going shopping at the local Goodwill and finding pretty pieces.  I have the images of all my clothing and I keep that in mind when I am shopping. I think of the numerous ways I can put pieces together to create a bad outfit to wear.

I am still in love with Ashley Stewart clothing which caters to the curvy sisters.  Cato’s also has clothing that I simply adore.  I love the new pumpkin, lime green and pink colors that everyone is wearing this summer.  I have several pieces in each one of this color.
However when I was larger you couldn’t have forced me to wear brighter colors.  I always went for the black, blue the darker color to try and hide my weight.  Even after I started losing the weight I still went for the darker shade until a really good friend asked me why did I wear black all the time.  Was I going to a funeral. They reminded of my skin tone and told me I would look better in brighter colors.  This was like a wake up call, from that day forward I searched for bright color that made me shine.

I really, really love cream and white and have several shirts and pants in this color.  To me there is something about vanilla and creme that can set any outfit off.
However I know this blog is about my Gastric Bypass surgery…… but when you lose as much weight as I have lost you would be known by your first name in your favorite stores.



Love, peace and happiness!!
Mrs. Tracy