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Reaching the year mark after Gastric bypass surgery


Omg!  I can not believe it been a year!! Last year this time I was lying on my bed nervous as heck because my surgery was that morning!!  I weighed in at 311 and now I currently weigh 195.

You know for whatever reason people claimed this is the easy way to lose weight.  However I am here to tell you that is not true.  SHELLY my belly controls everything.  She runs this show, if she don’t like it heck….I can’t eat it.   She has her good days and her bad.  I just make sure I get my require proteins in and watch what I eat.  One of the things she had allowed me to eat is sweets. I am ashamed to say I discovered this by accident and I watch it very closely.  I know this is one of the things that can lead back to be being severely overweight again.  However there is a catch. I will dump really bad when I do eat sugar. Man I tell you what ….Shelly be cussing my butt out making all kinds of weird noises and movements.  Then I can break a bathroom apart and put the S in sewer and man my poots could blow a hole in wall.  You talking about negative repercussions!!  All for a little bit of sugar. 

I went to my one year check up and was surprised to learn that I can’t eat watermelon.  I love watermelon, strawberries…I snack on both a lot.  Now I have to leave the watermelon alone. 

Nevertheless I would not change my life for nothing because this surgery saved my life.

Have a blessed day!!  Love,  peace and happiness!!
Mrs.  Tracy


The journey back to me


It has been a really exciting and depressing couple of months.  My exciting times comes from learning what all my body can do with this weight loss.  142 lost to be exact and I can wear some sizes 12. Being able to buy all kinds of pretty clothes will make any woman happy. I especially love Ashley Stewart and Cato’s stores.   However I have been at a stand still for about a month now weighing at 200.  I can walk a lot and jog a little without getting winded.  I am more flexible even though I will still have to have my hip replacement.  The only problem I am currently having is leg cramps that will wake you up and make you scream your freaking head off.   These cramps are so severe that I have since been placed on potassium pills and my blood pressure and fluid pills will have to be  changed.  Because my potassium levels were so really low.
My other areas where I am depressed and stressed had to a lot to do with my eyes opening and realizing that there are people who will have to be removed from my life.  I believe when I was heavier I took and accepted anything that happened to me.  I was unhappy at times but I just took it and went along with it because I was comfortable in a uncomfortable situation.  Now it is like my cup is full and I can’t take it anymore.  All I am requesting is peace and solitude.  I have always placed everyone else above me and now I want to put me first.  I am able to look back in the past and wondered how in the heck I endured so much.  However I know it was God who was carrying me every step of the way.
One thing I want to say before I close  out this post. If we put ourselves first and make sure that we love ourselves…… a lot of headaches can be avoided later on down the road. Remember God has to be in the center of everything you do.