From Women size 28 to Misses size 14

Omg, I am so excited!! I cannot believe that I am can wear a size 14.  What you have to understand is that I haven’t worn a size 14 since 1989.  This was the year I graduated from high school.   However there is a huge different with my body compare to my previous 18 years old body.  For instant I weight around 160 pounds and the booty use to sit up like a soldier, now that sucker sags like a bag of coal. However I am working on toning that bad sucker up.
Let’s not talk about the bat wings.  Those suckers be trying to take flight.  They are so ugly and I am very conscious about what I wear to make sure I hide them.
Don’t get me wrong there are several good things that have happened with the body.  One of the things is wearing bracelets, before my wrist were to BIG and I couldn’t get any bracelets to fit over my chubby hands.  Now I wear all sorts of bracelets.
One of my favorite stores down here in the south is Cato’s.  They have a plus size on one side of the store from sizes 14 to 28 and Missy/Junior size on the other sides of the store sizes from 4 to 18.  At this time I am happy to report that I can officially shop on the Missy/Junior side.  I go in Cato’s so much they know me by name.  I also go to my local Goodwill and buy clothes.  Because of my ever shrinking body and this helps me save a lot of money.
Now don’t get me wrong…I am not being sponsor or have I been told to post about Cato’s…. however I love this store.  Check out some of my pictures with me sporting their lovely tops from here.




Love, Peace and Happiness!!



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