Archive | March 22, 2015

8 month checkup and life thereafter

image I recently went to my 8th month checkup.  It was suppose to be my 6th but the snow threw a wrench in my doctor appointments and they got shuffled around. Nevertheless one of the worse things that anybody want to hear when you are at a doctor office is…”The other doctors and I have some concerns, after looking over your blood results, we are concerned about your potassium levels. ”  To make a long story short my potassium levels were low and I had to start taking potassium pills.  They also told me I was anemic.  Now thing about being labeled anemic is I had a hysterectomy about 10 years ago and only have my ovaries.  However my family doctor explained it to me that low iron could be the cause so therefore I am also taking iron pills.  One very important thing that I have learned is that theses appointments are very important so you can stay on top of anything that may be happening to your body because of the serious surgery. These are things that can negatively affect my weight loss in the future. So it is not like I am neglecting my blog, I just have a lot going on right now.  Keep me in your prayers and thoughts as I navigate through this tiring time. Love, Peace and Happiness everyone!! Mrs. TRACY