My second chance at life


Well your girl has been really busy and I have been neglecting my blog. However I am back.  Currently I am weighing in at 210 pounds, a lost of 127 pounds.
One of the things I wanted to discussed was all of the changes I have undergone since I have had my surgery in July of 2014.
One of the major problems I was having after my surgery was vomiting.  Every time I eat something that Shelly the Belly didn’t like I was throwing up.  Now seven months later I am not having this problem. I do believe that the last time I threw up was over month ago. I do get nauseated at times after eating something that Shelly don’t like but overall everything is proceeding really well.
One of other things I am having issues with is my nails and hair.  They are both brittle and not growing. I am taking Botin to help with this.  My hair I can hide with wigs and weaves.  But my nails are killing me.  They are so soft and thin. It is taking some time to get use to but I am doing it. I am using nail hardened to help with making then stronger.
Nevertheless this is one journey I will never regret because it gave me another chance at my life, and I feel like a new person.  All I can say is God I see you working!!

Love, Pease and Happiness!
Ms. Tracy




7 thoughts on “My second chance at life

  1. Look at you! I’m so excited, Tracy. I remember when you first started and here you are. Anyone following you has been inspired by you. It was not easy, yet you met each challenge and moved beyond them. Congratulations!!!!


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  2. Wow Tracy you are doing amazing! You know between us in the past year (or less) we lost over 270 pounds! Thats a whole fat person or a skinny person each. We are awesome. No matter how it’s done it’s a tough long road but one worth walking…or crawling at times. Well done to you xx

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