Adjusting to Sherry my best friend The Cpap


I previously wrote a post about my best friend Sherry who is my Cpap machine  back in 2013 when I first started writing this blog. Here is the link…  My CPAP is named Sherry and she is my Best Friend.
Once again I started noticing I was tiring out during the day and I started taking numerous naps after work. Then my hubby started telling me that I was making weird noises at night while I was sleeping.  He would wake me up or lightly bump me again because the noises were so loud.  He continuous kept mentioning the noises for the last couple of months. During this time I would wake up with my lips, mouth and throat extremely dry. 
I would get pissed off all over again because he was waking me up.  But he had to prove his point …… he decided to record me while I was sleeping last Friday morning.  He woke me up at 4:30 a.m. so I could hear the recording. At first I started laughing until I started hearing how weird I sounded.  My husband asked me “Now what I am supposed to do when you are making sounds like this?  Shoot I want to call the ambulance because you sound really bad.” 
This was like a wake up call so I promise I was going to call my sleep apnea doctor the next day. But not before I tried to sleep without my cpap that night however that didn’t last long.  My body woke me up with a jump no more than 10 to 15 minutes later.  Letting me know the cpap was still needed. 
I called my doctor first thing Monday morning and made a appointment the next day. 

My weight loss was the first thing we discussed.  Then my problems with my cpap.  He went on to explain that my level which is 18, needs to be adjusted.  Nevertheless he explain that my head had shrunk because of my weight loss and I had loss a lot weight and my levels will not be that high.  He explained that the noises I was making was because my level was set to high and to much air was coming in which cause my mouth to open and let the air back out.  Hence the weird loud noises I was making with my mouth.  He explained that he was going to put me on a machine that will determine what my new level needs to be.  He also prescribed flonase for my severe sinuses problems.  So your girl is a happy camper….I have never been so excited to get something in my life. 

What I have to remember is the weight loss is like a reset. My body is in essence a new instrument and I am learning new things about it everyday, appreciating it even more.   Shoot my feet have even shrunken and I went down a size.


P.S. I am still going to post a post with pictures of the gym equipment I am using to tone and lose weight. I have not forgotten.

Love, Peace and Happiness
Mrs. Tracy

One thought on “Adjusting to Sherry my best friend The Cpap

  1. Tracy, I went through a great deal of trouble getting used to my CPAP and my sleep study said I woke up 28 times an hour! I looked into alternatives and found the MRD (mandibular repositioning device), which is basically a mouth piece that pulls you jaw a bit forward. Although this was a pretty expensive venture given that my insurance did not cover it, the device has changed my life! I sleep all night, am alert, healthy and I use it every night without issues. I chose the brand resmed Narval CC but there are many. I like the Resmed because it’s very light. Good luck!


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