The return of Shelly the Belly


Shelly the belly and I have finally came to a understanding.  She has allowed me to eat chicken.  So nevertheless we are finally working as a team.  There is so much protein in chicken breast as I have stated before  in a previous post. That I really wanted to eat chicken to help me meet my protein count.  I did find out however 3 hours after eating turkey that Shelly the belly didn’t like all white meat. Let’s just  say the 30 minutes trip back to my house from my hometown took 50 minutes after pulling over to let me throw it all up.

Speaking of my belly it has greatly.  decreased…I remember before having the surgery all I could see was my belly.  Now I can look down and see my toes. So your girl is happier than ever.  You can’t tell me nothing
My current weight is 221 pounds down from 227 pounds that I posted a couple days ago  My starting weight in October of 2013 before my surgery was 337.
The day I left the hospital after my gastric bypass surgery I was 314. What a BIG difference.

Well that is all this girl is on her the YMCA!!
This girl is on fire!!
P.S.  (Do anybody even say that anymore) I am going to follow up with a post with pictures of which machines I am using at the YMCA to help enhance my weight loss.

Love, Peace and Happiness
Ms. Tracy

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