Smoothing out the bumps and lumps

Well folks with weight loss the problems with loose skin becomes a major problem.  I decided to purchase some shapewear to help with these ugly bumps and lumps. One thing that I
purchased was a Cherry Ann waist trainer.


This bad boy right here….makes your girl sit up straight and for whatever reason it helps with back pain in my lower back.  It also gives that hourglass figure and your figure looks better.  One of my main complaints is how it rolls up in the back. I am able to wear it for 8 hours and I also exercise in it.  As you can see it really shows the hips.


My purchase price was $73.00 from a young lady that sells them in our area.  My starting size was a 2x.  In the above  picture above you are able to see how the waist trainer really accentuate my hips thus giving the hour glass figure.

One other thing I hated was having back tits because of the flattering on the stomach, it really show your upper back fat.


Nevertheless the seller encourages you to get a really good bra that cover back fat and good support.  I basically went to Wal-Mart and purchased a back girdle to wear for your back. Cost about $16.00.  This really help eliminate all those bumps and grooves.  Even though my daughter has to help me pull that sucker down correctly.
Your girl is currently weighing in at 227 pounds down from my previous weight of 241.  My weight is really dropping and I am so excited.
I will once again reiterated that I exercise at least three to four days a week for about two hours.  In other words I am putting in work.

Love, Peace and Happiness
Mrs. Tracy


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