It is on and popping!


In the Chris Brown song..”It  is on and popping”…… my knee joints, my hips joint, my back, my neck are all popping. However there are no complaints here. 
I am currently going to the YMCA and exercising for at least one hour and half or more at least 3 days a week. My bones are popping, scrubbing making all kinds of sounds. Shoot my body could be a music band. However I know that exercise is a major component with the gastric bypass.  Some people become content with just the surgery and do not exercise that is one of the worst mistakes they ever made.  Which could cause some weight regain.
One of my biggest complaint about the gastric bypass is the loose skin.  My body is so soft and jiggling everywhere. I mean really my bat wings under my arms could fly me anywhere in the United States.  Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining about the surgery because my weight loss is worth every bit of loose skin. However flappy arms are not sexy and since I am trying to get my sexy on.  I am wearing those weights machine out at the YMCA. I use all the machines that target all of my extra loose skin. Sweating be pouring, I be hyperventilating trying to suck oxygen down but I am determined to tone everything up. I have also started walking a mile during my lunch break at work. I love the Map my Walk app. Now watch me as I tone!

  Love, Peace and Happiness!
Mrs. Tracy


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