Am I that woman in the mirror?


How many other people who have lost a great deal of weight…catch themselves walking by anything that show your reflection stop and back up to look at yourself again.  I catch myself doing this a lot now.  Heck I have taken so many selfies with my cell phone, I am surprised I have any memory left.  I am just amazed at the transformation. I would have never thought that I would look so much better. When your appearances changes this much your self esteem greatly improves. 

Sometimes when I walk by and catch a glimpse of myself, I questioned if it is really me.  I just stare at myself. For some reason I still keep seeing myself as the 330 pound woman! 

My weight loss has also attracted a lot attention from other people also.  A lot of it good, but what I hate hearing is….”So and so had that weight loss surgery and he or she gained all their weight back in a year’s time.”
Come on people!! Really!!! Please stop doing that.  That statement really pisses me off. 
Nevertheless I am not “So and So” and I will really make sure I used this tool right.
Love, Peace and Happiness!!


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