Getting my mojo back


Now this subject is a little embarrassing but nevertheless I really want to discussed it. Please don’t get me wrong, I am really blushing while I type this. I do believe that I have been working on this for three weeks because of the nature of this post.  However, if you are one of those people who are very narrowminded and walk a very straight line please, please bypassed this post.
Here it goes…….One thing that I notice when I was over 320 pounds was my sex drive was basically nonexistence.  I mean every once in a while I would get in the mood wasn’t like it was when I was a smaller size.   I do believe that things are changing….because my mojo is coming back.  All because of the huge amount of weight I have lost. 
I have learned when you are overweight your body produces more estrogen. When you lose weight, the estrogen is decreased and the testosterone to estrogen ratio is increased. Testosterone is linked to higher energy and sex drive.  I know, I know most people don’t know that women bodies produce testosterone but we do.
Nevertheless I have notice a difference and so has my husband.

Love, Peace and Happiness!!
Mrs. Tracy


8 thoughts on “Getting my mojo back

  1. I have wanted to blog about this too but have wondered if it might be TMI for my readers but you have inspired me. I think that for anyone man or woman this is an important part of regaining ourselves. We’re all entitled to a healthy sex life and it is fab when you start to feel sexy again as well as in the mood more often. I fear my partner is having to explore more stamina foods 😉 but it’s a small price to pay. Good on you x

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