The best is yet to come!


Well it has been a while since I posted and it because I was so busy with my 9th grader and his football practices and games.
I am happy to report that your girl weighs 241 pounds.  Can I get a hallelujah!!   I am still struggling with food that Shelly the belly don’t like.  I have came to realize if it is not ground beef or ground turkey she will not like it.  I can eat a lot of vegetables, but corn on the cob is not my friend.
I have taken to cooking large pots of vegetable soup with ground  beef or ground Turkey.  I then freeze it in the freezer and eat it later.  I can also handle lean hamburger patty with  A-1 sauce pour across it.  I eat Wendy’s chili at least three days a week.  I can also eat Mexican beef burrito and taco salad as long as it has ground beef.  I can make  two meals out of anyone of those food items.


I have a appointment coming up for my 3 month check up and I am looking forward to my test result.  This will let me know if I getting enough vitamins.

I have also noticed that because of the weight loss a lot of people treated you different even though you are the same person inside.  I explained to each one of these individuals that I am still the same person….I am just a improve version.  Nevertheless I am really excited about the new me that is emerging.  My best is yet to come.


Love, Peace and Happiness!
Mrs. Tracy


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