To frizzle or not

wowMy grandmother use to tell my sisters and I that it was really unladylike to say the word fart. Before I go any further let me explain to those people that don’t recognize the word fart.  The dictionary defines fart as expelling gas from your butt.  Now since you have read the first  paragraph, I will understand if you keep strolling pass this post.
Back to my lovely grandmother, when we were kids if someone had to pass gas, they would usually announce it by saying they got to fart.  See in my dear old grandmother house that was the ultimate no, no.  As young ladies that she was helping to mold into beautiful young women that word was not allowed.  She required that we substitute that word with frizzle. The dictionary define frizzle as making a sizzling or sputtering noise.  Therefore throughout this post I will only use the word frizzle.  Even though there are numerous words for farting, such as pooting, passing gas,

i_pootedWhen you are preparing for the gastric bypass surgery one has to attend several classes to prepare for what will happen to your body after it has been alter.   One of the things that they discussed was excessive flatulence (frizzling) that you will have to endure. However I thought I wouldn’t have that problem.  WRONG!! I frizzle so much that I can clear my house and at night I really pass major gas.  It is like my body relaxes and my intestine stretch out and push out a lot of gas which comes out sounding like Daffy Duck.  It has gotten so bad that my husband refuses to sleep under the same cover at night with me.

I also had this one instance at work…….See what happen was…  I frizzled one day at work in my own private office and the smell would not leave.  So I get up and open a window to help push it out.  Instead the wind pushes it out of my office and into the common area where all the clerical people work and mingle.  All I could hear was people hollering and asking what is that smell. One lady said “OMG, something done die, call the maintenance man.”  Another was saying “The sewer has backed up somewhere.”  Then they see me standing by my office door with the air fresher in my hand and one of the ladies say “Tracy I know that wasn’t you, OMG, please don’t do that again.”

gasNow most people are probably wondering why I am blogging about frizzling.  Well because I want other individuals that are going to travel or traveling down this same road to see what other people are adjusting to and going through.  This is a major life change with major life changes.  I will continue to blog about my experiences and things that my body is going through because I want to keep you informed.
Love, Peace and Happiness

Ms. Tracy


6 thoughts on “To frizzle or not

  1. Hahaha, I know it’s not funny, but at the same time it so is. My mum always banned the girls in my family from speaking about or admitting to farting but this was put into conflict with a dad and a hand ful of brothers (we were outnumbered) who loved nothing more than to compare noises, duration and yes even odours like it was some kind of neanderthal man competition. If they were not doing it they were talking about it and they would love to eat wind inducing foods… when sprouts were on the menu I was out at a friend’s house, the noise and smell was something that resonated into the next day.

    I recall when I had a secretary who had weight loss surgery and she kept on apologising about the smell coming from the backed up sewer and telling me how she was getting maintenance to see to it, eventually I asked if it was just her farts and she came clean and said it was. I told her I didn’t mind, she need not be embarrassed my male rich farting family had prepared me well.

    When I had my babies they soon proved that they had inherited grandad’s bottom burps when they would never burp from the top end after a feed, it always rattled out onto my lap through the nappy, although my daughter assures me now that this situation is rectified… she’s a lady.

    It’s great to expel all that stuff, it’s all waste and it needs to get out, without wishing to revive in my own mind that song from Frozen but not being able to help myself, Let it Blow Let it Blow!

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  2. Haha, i remember when I was pregnant with one of the kids I had terrible trapped wind all day, it was painful (I know how it feels after surgery too following my sections it was hell that stuff moving around in there like a demon and heaven when it finally made its bid for freedom) when I finally went to bed it was hurting so bad, in my rib cage, in all that digestive tract that is usually low down, pushed up into your chest I thought I was having a heart attack, eventually I fell asleep with my husband rubbing my back. About an hour later it decided to blow and the noise was so loud it woke my husband and I up with a start, he jumped out of bed and said he thought someone had crashed a car into the house. hahah We haev to laugh even though I’m sure your grandma and my mum would think we were awfully crude to be discussing such things as human bodily functions.

    On this journey I learned you have to laugh about the things which happen to you it makes the path trod more memorable and this is one momentous journey we are on.

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  3. Thanks for discussing sensitive subjects. I don’t get gas like you discussed but definitely indigestion. So much so that I have to take Prolosec daily. Had mild gastritis before surgery and hoped it would go away post op but it is horrible. It is mt only post-op regret.


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