Shelly the belly and her issues


One thing I never expected on this life change was Shelly’s intolerance and dislike of chicken.  I have always loved chicken baked, boiled, fried, grilled and steamed.  One 4oz grilled chicken breast has 33 grams of proteins. That is just about half of what you need to meet your minimum 80 grams of protein daily.  Who wouldn’t love it.   Because of Shelly I can not even enjoy my favorite food.  I am really getting getting sick of eating ground beef.  I want to be able to enjoy other foods.  My nutritionist said I would eventually be able to eat it  just not right now. I remember her saying you would have problems with chicken after surgery but I didn’t think it would affect me. 


I am happy to report that I am currently weighing in at 251 pounds. Surgery date was July 30, 2014 weight was 314 pounds when I was released from the hospital.  That is a long way from 336 pounds when I first started this journey last year in October.

Peace, Love and Happiness!!
Ms. Tracy


5 thoughts on “Shelly the belly and her issues

  1. Yasssss!, You look great!. Sorry to hear about the chicken issue. It was hard for me as well, but only the white meat. I didn’t get the same issue with the dark meat, but I don’t care for the dark meat, so yeah. lol. Take care of yourself.

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