Problems any solutions


I am really struggling with my sinus.  I have been having major issues with it since last Thursday.  I went to see my primary physician Tuesday and he prescribed a z pack and Norel for the congestion.  It has not work to well.  My nose is running so much…..I can’t find it.  My upper lips is so sore that I.have to watch the way I wipe my nose.  Right now I it is covered in Vaseline.  Drainage is also feeling Shelly(my belly) up and she is really pissed and its making me throw up any food I try to eat.  I am also cold as hell all the dang time.  Luckily I am able to get my protein drinks down otherwise I would be protein deprived.
My bariatric doctor explain that post  nasal drip can be a major problem for gastric bypass patients.  Because the drainage from your sinus can fill your little tummy up.  He told me to use Mucinex-D and Alegra or Zytrec, or Claritin.  He also suggested I use a nettie pot which I have.
I started this post yesterday and I am finishing it today.  Glad to say I am doing better but I have a major sinus headache, but no running nose.  I would love any suggestions on controlling my sinus problems.

Starting weight after surgery July 30: 314 and Current weight: 265.

Love, Peace and Happiness
Ms. Tracy


4 thoughts on “Problems any solutions

  1. You poor thing! You’re really in the wars, aren’t you? If your doctor has given you z-pak, then he/she thinks it’s a bacterial infection – having the chills would back that up so you need to rest, rest, rest and drink, drink, drink! Sipping on hot lemon and honey (with ginger if you can get it) will do wonders for you.
    OH! And I assume your doctor would have told you to take yourself off all dairy? Even the least “alternative” doctor knows that milk and dairy increase mucus enormously. If your protein drinks are milk based they could be causing your problem – find yourself some non-dairy protein!

    Take care of yourself. I hope you feel better soon.


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