Learning about the new me


Well folks it has officially been one month and half.  This has been one of the hardest period of my life.  I have lost 50 pounds so far.  But I am struggling with finding foods that don’t cause my stomach to be upset.  Which causes me to throw up. With that being said….Let me make myself clear…one of the key component of weight loss surgery is throwing up…or dumping as everyone calls it.  I really, really, really hate throwing up.  I do remember everybody talking about dumping. But I never really focus on it.  Now I wish I had.  If you don’t mind having fucky breath, throwing up, constipation just to lose weight.  Well this surgery is for you. 

Let me give you a very visible picture of  eating the wrong thing and throwing up.  My husband order some Carolina Gold chicken wings and I went to pick them up.  Those little suckers smelled so good….so I tried one.   Nevertheless I don’t know what happen next…. I don’t know if I didn’t chew it long enough.  If I swallowed it to quick.  All I know is that when I left to go pick my son up from football practice….my stomach started talking, making those little noises that let me that wing was coming back up.  I grab paper towels and prepared for the worse in the car.  I threw the whole wing up.  Now a couple weeks later I have realized that Shelly the belly don’t like baked chicken. I also hate fish and chocolate.  Which I used to love.

I am currently wearing a size 22 in pants down from a size 26/28.  I am so excited about that. However, I am trying my best to get in 80 grams of proteins but it is so hard.  I have a hard time with protein shakes, instant gag reflux. 

Pray for me as I get it together on this journey.

Peace, love and Happiness!!
Ms. Tracy


5 thoughts on “Learning about the new me

  1. I’m so sorry to hear you are struggling so much, Tracy. I’ve just posted a recipe for something which I’d be very surprised if you couldn’t take – and it is full of protein. By the way, my surgeon and dietician have both said that throwing up and dumping (which are two different things – dumping is about getting it through your system fast and out the other end, not throwing up) are going to happen at some stage (the latter has happened once, so far) but they shouldn’t happen as often as you seem to describe. Do you have a dietician who can help you with good recipes?
    Also, please excuse me if this is the wrong thing to say but reading that your husband ordered that made me angry, let alone sent you to pick it up! Could you ask him not to eat things which you find so hard to resist – or at least go out to eat them? Maybe if he understands how seriously you could damage yourself if you eat the wrong thing he will support you better? I have a nurse friend who works in ICU and has had multiple patients spend MONTHS in ICU and then DIE from rupturing their new stomach because they ate a cheeseburger or KFC etc and they ate it too fast. In each case, it was a boyfriend, husband or parent who bought them the food which killed them with some variation of “they were doing so well, they deserved a treat”! Yes, the patient ate it but the patient was the addict, they needed help not enabling!

    I hope you find some recipes which you can tolerate – you really need all the nutrition you can get in every bite when you have such a small stomach.
    Do look after yourself, warmest wishes,


  2. 3 months out and I’m still learning…..was excited about the baby back ribs my hubby smoked in his fancy new smoker….until I puked them back up….several bouts of the foamies…then I lost at least one of the 2 ribs I ate. Not sure if there was too much sugar in the rub and/or sauce…or maybe I don’t like pork any more…or maybe I was too excited and ate too fast.


  3. I had hard time tolerating meat…so ate (and still do) a lot of beans. Meat is great source of zinc & without it you can lose hair…..my doctor recommended zinc supplement. Eventually you will tolerate meat again…but you’ll get used to it. You will be fine…don’t fret about it


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