Adjusting little by little


Well I am officially down 28 pounds. Currently I am losing around 2 pounds or more a day.  However I am still struggling with nausea and we finally figured out what was going on.  I was having problem with draining from my sinus.  I have never had problems with sinus or allergy whatsoever. When I realize I was blowing my nose a lot and did not have a cold it hit me about post nasal drip protocol sheet the nutritionist gave us.  I immediately started taking Mucinex D and Allegra. 

Today I feel a whole lot better and I am clearing the mucus out of my stomach.  It is hard to believe that something this small can cause this major problem.  I am also realizing that Shelly my belly prefers ready to drink protein shakes.  My biggest problem is finding one that has a sufficient amount of proteins so I am not drinking four protein shakes a day.  I also have to at least like the sucker.  As for my food intake I am eating the single serving of applesauce, and yogurt.  I may eat two of the applesauce but because of the severe nausea I couldn’t get anything else down.  Today I am going to try some tuna after I puree it.  Because I am that stage.  I am also going to go the grocery store and see if there are any baby foods I may be able to stomach.  But I will be taking it easy as I clear the mucus out of my belly.

Right now my eyes are connected with my stomach and there are no craving for my old foods.  I figure as soon as my sinus is clear up my appetite may return. 
I am learning that I have to take this whole process day by day and adjusting the best I can.  Pray for me.

13 thoughts on “Adjusting little by little

  1. Prayers sent your way, Tracy. Whatever you feel now, you’ll look back at one day and know that it was all worth while. When I had my vertabrae fused, I was so happy the day of, but the following days were fraught with limitations and pain and I was questioning my choice. I look back at it now and know that it was the right decision. Keep the faith! You’re doing great!


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  3. Hi Tracy,
    I’m reading my blogs for the first time since my bypass and I noticed you haven’t posted since this one; I hope it’s because you are feeling so much better you have better things to do 🙂
    Taking it day by day, even little meal by little meal is all we can really do. Oh and talking about your health is not complaining or whining – it’s sharing 🙂 Those who haven’t experienced it are rarely good at empathizing – but there’s always us in the bypass bloggerverse to blog to 🙂

    Health and happiness vibes going your way,


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