Time for a title change


Well since I have had my gastric bypass surgery it is only fair that I change my title.  I have been playing with a few in my head. Such as “Tracy’s pouch is in control, Tracy’s life is forever changed, ” but theses title all sound stupid.  The truth of the matter is I am fighting nausea everyday, I hate feeling sick on the stomach and right now I am not in a good place with this surgery. 

Oh yea I briefly remember hearing about bad breath would be one of the side affects but didn’t think it would affect me.   WRONG!!! My mouth smells like somebody ass. If you know me I am a talker always have been and always will be.  Now I am covering my mouth up all the time because my breath stinks.  Shoot I am in the bathroom brushing, flossing, and swishing every chance I get.  I visited the local Wal-Mart and bought mini Listerine and the little patches you put on your tongue and breath spray.  Heck I was spraying every few minutes until my husband told me to stop because it has alcohol in it and it may irritate my stomach.

Oh my God, why didn’t somebody tell me I can’t walk no more than 5 steps and I will pass gas every time.  I break so much wind that if I can could bottle it up I could win a war by throwing it at the enemy.  I don’t know what I am going to do if this continue when I go back to work because my co-workers are going to kill me.

One other things that irritate the hell out of me is the constipation.  I don’t know about anybody else but I love making bowel moments without feeling like I got to prepare for war and then only one pebble falls out.  You can use that sucker for a bb it be so hard.

I know some of this  information is little to much information for some people and I am sorry.  I will not act like everything is all gravy and the pounds are falling off like crazy and I feel like a million bucks because I would be lying.  This choice is the hardest choice you can make, and whoever said this was the easy way out can come and talk to me personally. 
This is the hardest because not only do you still have to exercise and monitor the food you eat carefully. If you don’t you will be in the bathroom throwing up or be foaming at the mouth.  You are dealing with a body that is trying adjust to systematic changes it was not design for and it fighting the hell back…hint the nausea.
Am I seconding guessing myself….hell yea, am I in the depression part of the surgery…… probably.  But it doesn’t change the fact that everything I said is the truth.  Pray for me, you people who know God because the struggle is real and I am war with my body.


6 thoughts on “Time for a title change

    • Thanks Rob !! My whole point was to make sure everyone know this is not just a great fix and everything is just smooth sailing. This is a major life change and it is no way easy. I am struggling with something as simple as my protein shakes…my stomach wants to push it back up. I can barely get a yogurt down without nausea. But yet still I have a family that eat everything they want and guess who is the innocent witness….ME. Something as simple as a grilled chicken salad. Can I have it no. This is the hardest thing I have did. My master degree wasn’t this hard.


      • I think that it’s great to be able to show the pro’s and con’s of the procedure. People will want to know about that. I have a feeling that most people would take the same route that you did if it meant reaching their goals. You’re providing excellent insight to those who are considering this procedure.


  1. I love TMI it shows you are keeping it real too many celebs go on TV or magazines and talk total bull about their weight loss experience and so many people are afraid to fill in the detail but the detail is the bit we wall need those are the bits nobody wants to talk about yet everyone wants to hear.

    I also love that in spite of your discomfort you are still so funny… that sense of humour will get you through this post op depression… did anyone tell you that general anesthetic is a depressant in itself and can take 6 weeks to leave the body depending how long you were under? I was so shocked when I heard that from an doctor friend of mine and it explained a lot about post op depression I’ve suffered.

    You’re an inspiration, keep going and keep blasting that gas out, let it go, let it go!!! I find when I have trapped gas that a good old back rub does the trick, just like we do with a baby, my kids used to do it for me and they used to giggle so much that it worked and they were burping mum.


    • Wow I never knew that about anesthetic. I have read that there are several stages in this journey and one it’s coping with mental and physical stages. I am swallowing my feeling and powering forward.


  2. You poor thing – there is little worse than constant nausea! Be gentle with yourself and do whatever you need to for you. I’ve read a lot about all the gas for the first couple of weeks – apparently it’s because they blow the stomach up like a balloon so they can operate safely but then, of course, they staple it closed so there’s no natural way for the gas to escape! I’m sure someone with more experience will answer but from what I’ve read it it does work its way out.

    Sending you healing thoughts,


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