After surgery

imageI can’t really remember what happen during surgery because I was asleep.  But nevertheless I made it to the  hospital on time with my husband and two kids.  They took me back exactly at 6:30.  I undressed and talk with my husband who told me  ” once I lost the weight he was going to lock me in the house.” I also had my hair dreaded because I am just tired of messing with it all the time…..being natural is really high maintenance.  It is really short and thin it will have to grow on me.

I do remember them rolling me out of the room and both of my kids were there and they kissed me goodbye.

What I do remember from the hospital was waking up in extenuating pain….I felt like someone had ripped my stomach apart.  I kept trying to wake up to talk to my kids and husband but my eyes would not go in the right directions.  What little I was able to focus on let me know my kids were scared as hell.  I could tell by their faces that they were really worried about mom.  I slept off and on that whole day until later in the evening. When I finally got up and tried to walk some of the gas down.
incentive-spirometer-300x300They also had me to breathe in a incentive-spirometer  every hour 10 times.  This little thing measure my breathing to help prevent pneumonia.  I also seem to be coughing up a lot phlegm.
My pastor called and checked on my well being and made the ride to see me the next day.  He prayed a prayer of healing the next day.  My mom and a couple aunts and other kin folks all joined hands while he prayed.

I walked a a total of 10 laps around the hospital begging for one gas release.  You have to passed gas no matter what.  You can hear the gas in your body creating tornadoes  and hailstorms and you can not do anything to get it out.  I was finally given a suppository the next morning which helped my push some bile out and I was scheduled to go home around 4:00 that day. Later that night I started passing massive amount of gas.  You would have thought I hit the lottery the way I was cheering.  I will follow up with other information in another post.

Love, Peace and Happiness,

14 thoughts on “After surgery

  1. Well done to be on the road to recover and to have had a successful operation. Your story of the gas made me laugh as I recall the relief post C-section with both of my babies at being able to expel all of that air that got trapped in there during the surgery. it is not comfortable at all. Take it easy x


  2. I remember the days (two nights) in hospital as well when I had mine last summer. It hurts, and it’s probably going to hurt for a week, but then it starts getting better.
    I regretted it so much at the time! I remember thinking “what on earth have I done to myself?!”. A friend who had the surgery a year before me comforted me and told me she had the same feeling of regret afterwards, but it’ll pass, and it’s so worth it!
    After a week, the worst part is trying to get enough fluids into your body, it’s really a full time job the first month, but even though it seems impossible at the time, that too will get better. After a while, the swelling will go down, and you will be able to drink a couple of mouthfulls at a time (doesn’t sound like much, but it is to us 😉 ) and you will get used to things.
    Just make sure that they give you proper painkillers to take home with you for the first weeks, they didn’t give me any perscription, so my mum had to drive me to the ER the next day because I was in so much pain I couldn’t move. And once you start eating solid food, never ever ever take any medecine with codeine in it. Codeine slows down your entire system, and for us, with how narrow things is in there, that hurts! But if you’re still mostly on fluids, you’re good.
    Good luck!


      • I remember that feeling, but rest assured that it’s worth it, and you’ll soon be done with the worst part. Painkillers were my best friends the first two weeks. The first weeks are kinda fun too though, the pounds will just be falling off you in heaps.


      • It was the same with me, I don’t think anyone could possibly get down that much after the sleeve surgery. Maybe it’s easier with the bypass? After all, it’s so narrow down there for us, so with the swelling it’s impossible. Don’t worry though, it’ll get easier after a few weeks


  3. That first week was rough for me too, but I promise every week gets better….then as the energy level increases and the clothes start to get too big…and you get to grab some smaller sizes out of your closet , it is all worth it.We are all different….and while I felt better each week…it was at about 5 weeks out that I would say I felt great for the first time in a long,long, time.(Even before surgery). Now that we have this awesome tool to help us, we can’t help but be successful! I’m still struggling getting everything all in…water, protein, vitamins….but now that I’m on regular food, i’m pretty close most days. I figure this is a process, a huge lifestyle change that doesn’t happen over night.


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