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Adjusting little by little


Well I am officially down 28 pounds. Currently I am losing around 2 pounds or more a day.  However I am still struggling with nausea and we finally figured out what was going on.  I was having problem with draining from my sinus.  I have never had problems with sinus or allergy whatsoever. When I realize I was blowing my nose a lot and did not have a cold it hit me about post nasal drip protocol sheet the nutritionist gave us.  I immediately started taking Mucinex D and Allegra. 

Today I feel a whole lot better and I am clearing the mucus out of my stomach.  It is hard to believe that something this small can cause this major problem.  I am also realizing that Shelly my belly prefers ready to drink protein shakes.  My biggest problem is finding one that has a sufficient amount of proteins so I am not drinking four protein shakes a day.  I also have to at least like the sucker.  As for my food intake I am eating the single serving of applesauce, and yogurt.  I may eat two of the applesauce but because of the severe nausea I couldn’t get anything else down.  Today I am going to try some tuna after I puree it.  Because I am that stage.  I am also going to go the grocery store and see if there are any baby foods I may be able to stomach.  But I will be taking it easy as I clear the mucus out of my belly.

Right now my eyes are connected with my stomach and there are no craving for my old foods.  I figure as soon as my sinus is clear up my appetite may return. 
I am learning that I have to take this whole process day by day and adjusting the best I can.  Pray for me.


Time for a title change


Well since I have had my gastric bypass surgery it is only fair that I change my title.  I have been playing with a few in my head. Such as “Tracy’s pouch is in control, Tracy’s life is forever changed, ” but theses title all sound stupid.  The truth of the matter is I am fighting nausea everyday, I hate feeling sick on the stomach and right now I am not in a good place with this surgery. 

Oh yea I briefly remember hearing about bad breath would be one of the side affects but didn’t think it would affect me.   WRONG!!! My mouth smells like somebody ass. If you know me I am a talker always have been and always will be.  Now I am covering my mouth up all the time because my breath stinks.  Shoot I am in the bathroom brushing, flossing, and swishing every chance I get.  I visited the local Wal-Mart and bought mini Listerine and the little patches you put on your tongue and breath spray.  Heck I was spraying every few minutes until my husband told me to stop because it has alcohol in it and it may irritate my stomach.

Oh my God, why didn’t somebody tell me I can’t walk no more than 5 steps and I will pass gas every time.  I break so much wind that if I can could bottle it up I could win a war by throwing it at the enemy.  I don’t know what I am going to do if this continue when I go back to work because my co-workers are going to kill me.

One other things that irritate the hell out of me is the constipation.  I don’t know about anybody else but I love making bowel moments without feeling like I got to prepare for war and then only one pebble falls out.  You can use that sucker for a bb it be so hard.

I know some of this  information is little to much information for some people and I am sorry.  I will not act like everything is all gravy and the pounds are falling off like crazy and I feel like a million bucks because I would be lying.  This choice is the hardest choice you can make, and whoever said this was the easy way out can come and talk to me personally. 
This is the hardest because not only do you still have to exercise and monitor the food you eat carefully. If you don’t you will be in the bathroom throwing up or be foaming at the mouth.  You are dealing with a body that is trying adjust to systematic changes it was not design for and it fighting the hell back…hint the nausea.
Am I seconding guessing myself….hell yea, am I in the depression part of the surgery…… probably.  But it doesn’t change the fact that everything I said is the truth.  Pray for me, you people who know God because the struggle is real and I am war with my body.

Adjusting to the new me

image It has officially been one week since I had my surgery on July 30, 2014. My starting weight when I went to the hospital was 311 pounds. When I got back home after my surgery I weigh 314 pounds. I wasn’t in denial, I knew my body had been through a major change and I was full of toxic fumes that could not find the correct exits doors because my muscles were not cooperating at the time.

My current weight is 295 pounds. WOW!! I can’t remember the last time I even weighing in my 200s. I am just amazed that I have lost 19 pounds in one week. Now don’t get it twisted I walked my butt off trying to get that gas to find the right doors. But nevertheless the weight is falling on fairly quickly. Let’s hope it continue.

I am also averaging around 80 grams of proteins and around 50 ounces of water the last couple days. Now remember I am on medical leave and is not set to return to the office until Sept 2, 2014 so I have the time to get all the fluids in. I am having problems with not gulping….I mean on average day before the surgery I was drinking over 80 ounces of water. Trying to control my gulping and changing to sipping is hard. I am also having problems with nausea, I am so glad the doctor gave me two medicines for that.

My drain was removed today also. That little balloon was really trying my patience. When the doctor cut the thread and had me to count to 30 out aloud. I could feel him pulling it out but it did not hurt whatsoever. I am going to post a picture of the drain so you can see how it looks. If you have a tender stomach you may not want to see this picture. You have a drain that is connected to the larger part of your stomach that was bypassed. It will come out of your side and will drain fluids. This helps the doctor to detect if there is a leak from any of the incisions. The bandages had to be changed daily and my husband and kids would act as if they were dying when they changed it.


I was also taken off of one of my medicines for my high blood pressure today because I let the doctor know I hadn’t taken my medicines this morning to make sure I did not have to make a restroom stop on the way to my doctor appointment. He was amazed because it was only 117 over 72 so he took me off one of the medicine.

The six spots where they did my surgery laparoscopic itches likes crazy but there is no pain. This really amazes me because I thought I would be hurting where the incisions are located.

Mentally I am adjusting to everything because everything is control by your mouth. You can’t over indulge or just any eat any and everything anymore. Your stomach is master of that domain now. I am currently in the pureed stage, where everything has to be purred and liquified before I eat it. Then I am limited on what I can eat. I am happy about introducing other foods into my diet. But currently at this time I am to get my proteins from my protein shakes and can eat 6 small meals of a very limited variety of food.
As I travel down this road there is no going back. I can’t just change my mind and say I want my old stomach back. I have to suck it up and do what I have to do make sure that I stay healthy and that I take all my vitamins.

After surgery

imageI can’t really remember what happen during surgery because I was asleep.  But nevertheless I made it to the  hospital on time with my husband and two kids.  They took me back exactly at 6:30.  I undressed and talk with my husband who told me  ” once I lost the weight he was going to lock me in the house.” I also had my hair dreaded because I am just tired of messing with it all the time…..being natural is really high maintenance.  It is really short and thin it will have to grow on me.

I do remember them rolling me out of the room and both of my kids were there and they kissed me goodbye.

What I do remember from the hospital was waking up in extenuating pain….I felt like someone had ripped my stomach apart.  I kept trying to wake up to talk to my kids and husband but my eyes would not go in the right directions.  What little I was able to focus on let me know my kids were scared as hell.  I could tell by their faces that they were really worried about mom.  I slept off and on that whole day until later in the evening. When I finally got up and tried to walk some of the gas down.
incentive-spirometer-300x300They also had me to breathe in a incentive-spirometer  every hour 10 times.  This little thing measure my breathing to help prevent pneumonia.  I also seem to be coughing up a lot phlegm.
My pastor called and checked on my well being and made the ride to see me the next day.  He prayed a prayer of healing the next day.  My mom and a couple aunts and other kin folks all joined hands while he prayed.

I walked a a total of 10 laps around the hospital begging for one gas release.  You have to passed gas no matter what.  You can hear the gas in your body creating tornadoes  and hailstorms and you can not do anything to get it out.  I was finally given a suppository the next morning which helped my push some bile out and I was scheduled to go home around 4:00 that day. Later that night I started passing massive amount of gas.  You would have thought I hit the lottery the way I was cheering.  I will follow up with other information in another post.

Love, Peace and Happiness,