Archive | July 26, 2014

I want a Streetrider!


I was just reading Rob page over at and he was talking about riding his bike.  I have not ridden  a bike since I was a teenager and I do not plan on riding one anytime soon unless it is at the YMCA.

When you are blessed with bountiful booty, and extra body fat, you and bike tires do not agree on everything. For instance the tires will take off rolling down the road cussing you out once they realize you are going to try and ride on them.  Lol! However true story my husband who weight a whole lot less than I, once jumped on our neice bike and instantly warped the front wheels.  Nevertheless my neice was really upset with her uncle.

Now what I will ride is this bad boy right here.  I want one of this sucker in the pink color.  I can see myself riding all over town on this BABY.  This ride is called the Streetsrider and cost around 1800.00.  Right now I just don’t have the extra cash to pay for something this expensive. But I believe this bad boy coupled with my gastric bypass will help me reach my weighted goal and also help with rehabbing the hips.

I would ride this heifer to the grocery store, work,  heck all over town.  I would put me a little vanity plate on the back with the Rehabbing Mrs. TRACY. 

Check out the video of the Streetsrider that I have attached and if you feel like buying it for me..please do because Ms. Tracy do take donations.  Lmbo!!!
The Streetsrider, the elliptical that moves you