Embarking on the most excited journey of my life


time for a changeToday was my last visit to meet with my nutritionist and it was confirmed that your girl had lost 29 pounds.  I am happy as a I can be.  This was my last visit before my surgery on the 30th of this month.  I have slowly been buying products and other stuff I will need for this major change.   A lot of the stuff I purchased are from the nutrition store locate at the doctor office.  I know that once I leave the hospital the last thing I will want to do is go shopping.  I will also buy several other things this week to ensure I get all of the protein I need.












I am also going to purchase this item to help with personal hygiene. I have been told by several individuals that because of the incisions area reaching to certain areas will cause some discomfort. Because I would hate to ask my hubby or children to do something so personal.  I will buy this reach stick.  I can’t see myself calling my daughter or husband to come and help Mama in the bathroom complete her personal hygiene stuff because it hurts to much to reach those areas…..Heck to the NO…you will not catch me doing that.  I would rather invest in something to help me reach those places more easily.


Nevertheless I decided to purchase this bad boy which is called the Lu La Bath Brush and this sucker is 23 inches long and is flexible to move in different directions.  Shoot I can reach my feet, my neck and lower back.  It also had several part that you can order that will enhance its usability.  (Oh yea I am not receiving any money or free products by discussing what I am purchasing to help me during my rehabilitation process.)
I also receive a call from Hillcrest Hospital where I am having my surgery today to let me know what time I will have to be at the hospital for the surgery.  I will have to be there at 6:30 and surgery will be at 8:00.  I am starting to get nervous all over again with butterflies feeling in my stomach when I think about it, it’s like I just met my husband for the first time.  You know the feeling I am talking about when you are nervous and excited to go out with the new guy and every time you think about him you get that feeling.   Right now I am getting that feeling about meeting my new self after the surgery.

How will I change, what foods will I hate but previously loved?

How will I look after the weight loss, will my booty resemble Sponge Bob square Pants booty?

Will my hair shred badly or will it continue to grow (don’t really matter because I love wigs) but nevertheless a woman never want to lose her hair. Read my previous post about this at http://wp.me/p48Fm9-4X.

Will I finally get to wear my stiletto with the wide leg cream suit?  Read my previous post about this…  http://wp.me/p48Fm9-5u.

 Oh there is so much to look forward to, because this has been a long and tiring journey for me!!

Love, Peace and Happiness

Ms. Tracy

14 thoughts on “Embarking on the most excited journey of my life

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time, Tracy and I can’t express how happy that I am for you. It’s finally here. All of the trials and tribulations that you had to endure are about to be rewarded. Patience has been rewarded. 🙂


  2. That brush/stick is a good idea the only thing that bugged my incisions at first was having to reach backwards on the potty because your stretching your abs out to do it. It wasn’t horrible but it was enough to make you aware that your wounds didn’t approve. Everything is going to go great.


  3. I’d check that Metamucil by your doc …that stuff expands and is not going to feel good after surgery! Benefiber was the only my doc OK’ed … good luck


  4. The only problem I had was that I got really really dizzy in the shower after a few minutes, so I always had to lay down on the bathroom floor afterwards for a few minutes before I could brave the stairs up to the living room.
    Honestly though, even though proteins are important, focus on getting down water and a few carbs to begin with. Like water mixed with apple juice or something. Shakes and stuff with a lot of proteins in them made me really sick the first months, and if I had one, then I wouldn’t be able to get anything else down all day. The doctors told me to not worry so much about the proteins until a few months had passed, since I had been living on a liquid proteine shake diet for two weeks prior to my surgery, so my body could handle a while without it. Water trumphs proteins 😉


      • That would be severe dehydration… It’s good to mix water with juice though, since it will give you some energy along with the fluids. Just remember that your one and only job now is to take care of yourself and heal. Drinking fluids and resting should be the only things on your mind for at least 2-4 weeks.


      • Well, if you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, then you’re getting enough water.

        A tip though that I thankfully read on a blog just after my own surgery, but no one ever told me about. Once you start loosing weight, a lot of hormones stored in fat will get released, so you might quite unexpectedly get your period, even if you’re not supposed to due to your cycle or birth control. I think I might have been a bit scared if I weren’t prepared for it


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