Disappointment is not my middle name.


One thing I have always pride myself on being is inspiring.  I refused to be a Debbie Downer.  With that being said, yes I was threw for a loop and felt like there were certain individuals that could have help but didn’t.  One thing I know for fact is that Tracy is responsible for my kids, my husband and myself and in that order.  I know that I got to watch out for us and always put us first.  So why should I be surprised when someone else doesn’t want to help and disappears when you need them.

Nevertheless I have moved on and is eagerly waiting for my surgery date on July 30th with $1000.00 less in my pocketbook.

On another good note I have lost a total of 28 pounds!! Everybody that I see keep talking about how much weight I am losing and that if I am losing the weight do I really need the surgery.  I cannot comprehension why people are saying this. Because there is no possible way that I can drink Optifast four times a day and one low-fat healthy meal everyday for $120.00 weekly forever.  I could do the low-fat meals because that is what the gastric bypass requires but not Optifast forever.

As I am shrinking I am constantly thinking of a masterplan to ensure that I remain and maintain my weight loss to live a long and healthy blessed life.

7 thoughts on “Disappointment is not my middle name.

  1. God bless & Good luck to you! I am currently working on my 6 months of medically supervised dieting…hoping to get a date for surgery by year’s end!


  2. The thing with those optifast, medifast…any of those….as soon as you are off of them you gain (for those people who are saying why don’t you just do the diet)….without the tool of the surgery. I’m so sad for you that you went through this disappointment…stay strong and I hope this next 10 days goes fast for you. My wordpress blog is just about foods…I’m having trouble writing, because 2 resons 1. my appetite is about as small as my stomach and 2. the pureed/soft stage is not that exciting. If you want to follow my progress I have another blog on Blopspot. http://kimwls.blogspot.com If you want to follow my progress.


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