Disappointment is my middle name!

Just like always there are setbacks.  My surgery was reschedule until July 30, 2014.  Can you say disappoint and upset.  As always there are parts were there is misinformation given but it is always the patient’s fault.
I am currently on medical leave amd will return back on Thursday.  My daughter and husband took several days off of work because the surgery is scheduled in a town that is located 1 hour away.  These are all inconveniences which caused lost wages.  Nevertheless make sure you start informed every step of the way for this type of surgery.  Because this is a huge headache.

Love, Blessings and Peace
Ms. Tracy


6 thoughts on “Disappointment is my middle name!

  1. Oh no, what a set back. I can imagine how you’ve prepared yourselves not just practically but emotionally. 13 days to go which is not too bad when it’s the rest of your life that will be affected and more than that added to it when the weight burden is shed 😀 Got to look for the positives x


  2. What’s is 15 days in the grand scheme? An inconvenience. Keep your spirits up, you are almost there. Do something fun, like take your pre-surgery before pictures. Find something you like and buy it in 3 sizes; pre-, average, and goal size.


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