Why am I second guessing myself????


Well my time is approaching really fast and your girl is scared and nervous as heck.
My surgery date is July 15th and my family reunion is July 12th on my son 15th birthday.

As I have previously stated….myself and several other people have taken it on ourselves to plan our first reunion in over 10 years. Nevertheless I am slam worn out.  I am so tired that my feet will start walking and  my body is still standing still.  Then I wake up and realize I was dreaming of walking.  LOL

I am second guessing myself about this surgery. I am wondering if this is the right decision and can I lose weight without surgery and the truth of the matter is no.  However, all the possible complications scares the living day lights out of me.  I mean really I am taking a perfectly good organ and changing it to lose weight.  I have caught myself just lost in deep thoughts about this.  Please keep me in your prayers as the count down begins.

Peace, Blessing and Happiness!!

Ms. Tracy


16 thoughts on “Why am I second guessing myself????

  1. I think that is pretty normal, it is a huge step…and completely life changing. I just found a very positive group of local people (just this week) and that has been nice. Speaking from experience, your second thoughts may be even worse a few days after surgery, but as you start to heal and feel better and learn how to deal with your new little stomach it will be all good.(I’m still learning, but it is getting better)….then making these new friends this week…many several years out, massive lbs gone….happy, energetic…it was great.


  2. I just saw your post and I believe in you! It isn’t always possible to lose weight on your own, but with a commitment to recovery after surgery will lead you down the path. I will keep you in my prayers!


  3. I think it’s very natural to be scared. I was terrified when I had my body lift surgery….very scared until they put that nice drug in my veins. I wish I had that stuff at home! 🙂 You know this is right for you and you know it will make your life better. You’ll do fine. Good luck, Mrs. Tracy. 🙂


  4. I completely understand! I put off even thinking about this surgery for years because I was worried about the complications. So many what-ifs. But then it dawned on me…what about the complications if I don’t lose the weight? I already have high blood pressure. Heart disease and diabetes run in the family. So many things that are a -certainty- if the weight doesn’t come off. I’ll take the what-ifs of surgery that have a very, VERY small chance of becoming certainties.

    You will be a-ok! So much to look forward to! Good luck! 🙂


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